Thursday, October 20, 2016

Baby B2: Five Months Old

This month really snuck up on me. It wasn't until I had to write the date for work that I realized Stephen had become a five month old. Time keeps on going and life keeps on being lived.

He didn't have a check-up this month so I don't have any new stats for you but he is growing I can tell you that! This weekend I unpacked all of the 6-month clothing and packed away the 3-month wardrobe. Between the hand-me downs from William and my nephew Alexander and the gifts we received, he has enough clothes in this size to last a year! Seriously! So many cute and adorable clothes!

We brought out the bumbo seat the other day and Stephen is a pro. I didn't even realize he was ready for sitting but he totally is. It's great to give him another angle to see the world from - instead of just laying on the floor. Tummy time still means "roll over time." He doesn't like being left alone for too long. He will play with his toys much longer if you are near him or he can see you. He loves his Sofie giraffe teething toy and his mobile which he can actually reach and dismantle and stick in his mouth!

Sleep is still a struggle. A real struggle. His naps are way too short to be restorative, lasting 20 - 40 minutes. Sometimes we can get him to fall back asleep but not often. I should say Chris can get him back to sleep, I can't. And you would think that if he doesn't nap well during the day that he surely would sleep well at night --but nope. Babies don't work that way. He is still waking up 4 times a night. We've talked about sleep training but I'm honestly too tired to put up with it. I don't have the energy to be consistent.

Feedings are interesting. He seems to prefer the bottle most of the time, although I still offer to nurse several times a day. And then sometimes he really just wants to nurse and will refuse the bottle all together. I cannot win. I end up pumping a lot even though I'm home with him.

This month we went on a little adventure to Roaring Railroad in Felton CA for William's birthday. It was a special Day Out with Thomas event. Stephen did really great most of the day. I was really thankful. I'm so glad he enjoys being in a carrier now!

Chris and I tried something new this month for our date. (Yes, we only get one a month.) Instead of going out at night when we are both so tired and miss out on the opportunity to sleep, we hired a sitter for a Saturday morning date. I was a little nervous because this meant both kids would be awake which is something I still have a hard time managing. But the boys did fantastic and the sitter survived just fine. It worked out well for us too because we had a break from the kids and got to go to bed early! (the downside was that the previous night was terrible so we were exhausted on our date, but you can't win at everything . . . )

Stephen loves his big brother and smiles nearly every time William walks into his line of sight. The other day I overheard sweet giggles as William played with him. It's really great to see them interact already! I can't wait for more!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Day Out with Thomas

This weekend, we packed up our boys and drove to Felton CA. It was a surprise trip for William -- a Day out with Thomas the Train! The Roaring Railroad company operates trains which take you through the red wood forest to Santa Cruz and does special events like this with Thomas and Percy engines a couple of times a year.

I had read about it a year a go and kept watching for tickets to be available. We were out of town during Thomas's appearance in July, so we had to get in on the Halloween themed tour this month instead. But that was okay because it we could say it was part of his Birthday celebration!

The train station was awesome. They had so much for the kids to do other than just the train ride so William was entertained the whole time.

These mini Thomas trains captured his attention for most of the morning. We had to pry him away to see the real Thomas! When he first saw the real thing, I don't think he believed it was real! He just stared and then a slow smile crept on to his face. 

 And Percy! He loved that Percy was there too!

They had a lot of play areas including this barn with hay bails and an old wagon! William loved climbing over everything.

Then it was time to board the train. The conductor even said "All Aboard" which made William laugh! The train car had bench type seating along the sides and a canopy on top. The sides were open so we could see the redwoods as we passed through the forest. The ride was beautiful! And the sun came peaked through the trees giving it the most spectacular look. For the children's event, the ride only lasted 30 minutes or so. (The non themed ride would last more than an hour.)

William watched the trees go by with great excitement and was sad when the ride was over. He exclaimed "I want to do it again!" Stephen was well behaved for the most part but tired near the half way point and fell asleep just as we returned to the station.

The whole family is on the train!
Guess my selfies need a little work...

After the ride, we played some more and had lunch. Then we got to see Sir Topham Hatt! The man in charge of the Island of Sodor (where Thomas lives). William was so excited he turned shy! I was glad we were able to get in on this meeting because when we told William where we were going that morning he said "And Sir Topham Hatt will be there!" I was glad I could make good on that promise!

Going on outings like this and watching your child light up with such joy and fascination is so worth it. His love for Thomas has come from books, puzzles and toys. He remembers all the names of the trains and the places they go. He remembers what Thomas learns and can retell the stories perfectly. To see the famous train in person was just too cool! This was his first train ride and something I'm so glad we could do as a family.