Tuesday, April 26, 2016

500th Post Celebration & Giveaway

Yes, I'm this excited!
Hi Readers! I'm so excited that I've reached yet another milestone in my blog-life. 500 posts! That's a lot! Okay, not if you are a professional blogger, but I'm not. . . I'm me, who once thought about becoming a pro, but then stopped when I couldn't come up with $-worthy content.

I have no idea how many of you are still with me after nearly 7 years of blogging, but I thank each of you for stopping by every once in awhile and catching up with my life! And as a thank you, I'd like to do another giveaway!

A year ago, I heard a song by JJ Heller called "This Year" and I fell in love with it. It turns out that her latest album is completely awesome and I love it -- and her. So, although she doesn't know who I am or know about this giveaway, I'd like to send the lucky winner her latest CD "Sound of a Living Heart." You can preview the album here.

How to enter:
To enter, please leave a comment on this blog post below. The giveaway ends May 3rd at midnight PST. I'm using Rafflecopter again to choose the winner (so make sure you log in with that too!) and will contact the winner and announce it here on my blog on May 4th.

Thanks so much for reading my blog and caring about my life.
Good luck!
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Baby B2: 33 Weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

How big is the baby: approx 17 inches long and 5 pounds (from the internet)

Sleep: This continues to be hit or miss. Some nights I'm sleeping great but William isn't and so I'm up early with him, other times he sleeps great and I can't find a comfortable position. I have a hard time moving around in bed with my low back pain/large belly.

Best moment of the week: William wanting to hug the baby/my belly and pretending to be the ultrasound tech applying gel to my stomach so he can see the baby (he had to come with me last time)

Worst thing: The worst thing continues to be my back pain, which I don't think is even pregnancy related.

Symptoms: I've actually had more nausea this week than I've had in the past few months. It's strange. My legs are also looking a bit bigger, ankles may beginning to swell a tiny bit, large belly. My energy has been up a little so that helps.

Movement: Yes, most definitely. Sometimes I wonder how other people don't notice it!

What I miss: the same stuff - wine, deli meat, bending over without grunting

Food Cravings: less cereal recently. Now it's ice cream and chocolate. . . chocolate ice cream. However I can get it.

Food Aversions: Nothing at the moment

Maternity Clothes: Yes, all the time. I can still make a few non-maternity tops and yoga pants work. My jacket and sweatshirts are starting to get a little tight.

Things People Say: I get more comments/questions about the gender of my baby. We aren't finding out until baby comes. I'm hearing some guesses around the office. . . half will be right I suppose. Last time we assumed we were having a boy because the two pregnancies in our circle of friends were having boys and we had noticed a trend of them coming in groups of three. This time, there are baby girls coming on either side of us! We'll see if the trend continues!

Exercise: Giving up. Not on purpose, just lack of time/interest at this point. Still walk when I can and do my PT when I remember.
Last Appointment: April 6. Met with the same midwife as my previous visit but this time she seemed completely exhausted and unfamiliar with me. Its a little frustrating that I have to explain certain things during every visit, but understandable; these people see a hundred patients a week. Everything looks fine, heart beat is always fun to hear.

Next Appointment: April 25

The perfect "hiding spot" for hide-and-seek!

P.S. The font colors are out of control. Blogger is messing with me and I can't change them (trust me, I've tried!) Sorry for the craziness.