Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Five Years of Blogging and a Giveaway

This little ol' blog has been around for five whole years! Can you believe it? Have you ever gone back and read my first post? Seems like forever ago!

What started out as a way to keep family up-to-date on our crazy "let's move to California" adventures, the ups and downs of being without work or home, and my spiritual journey depending on God to move some serious mountains is now well, much of the same! (But it looks so much better, right!?)
Not my first design, but one of the earlier versions
Although my desire to share our real lives and all the ups and downs is still very present, it now includes the dominating subject of my one-year old son and our life in the city (and the crafts I still try to find time for). Thankfully, we have jobs and a place to live now! If you've kept up with my blog/life at all, you know that is all thanks to my Father in Heaven. He is the giver of all good gifts -- and our wonderful provider of all we have.

In honor of this 5 year anniversary of over-sharing blogging I'd like to list a few things I am totally grateful for (and at the end, we'll talk about the promised giveaway!)
  • Our marriage. Five years. Everyday I am so thankful for this man who chose me for his bride. I can't say everyday is easy, but it's Good. 
  • Our jobs! (I have had one consistent job for 4 1/2 years! Chris has had a lot more, but we're still thankful for each and every one of them!)
  • Our one-bedroom apartment that we have lived in for almost 4 1/2 years. We love this little place and are so thankful it provided a space for us to host our (large) small group in for 3 years and a number of short and long term visitors.
  • My health. I had a lot if chronic pain in my back, hands and feet for over two years but thankfully I haven't had to see a doctor or physical therapist in over a year!
  • Our little boy. Somehow this little guy who takes up all of my time and energy is the very best part of my day (you know, after God and Husband). I really can't imagine life without him and I can't imagine not being a work-from-home mama. I love spending my days with him, no matter how hard they can be.
  • Community. We were so blessed to find a community so quickly after we moved here. Can you guys believe we've known you for almost five years!? That's longer than college! Our church, small group, and friendships have supported us through ups and downs and prayed with us through it all. Thanks guys!
And now on to the giveaway details!
Using the Rafflecopter app below, enter for up to 10 chances to win a set of 6 handmade cards. Something like this, although it may vary. On November 15, I will announce the winner (selected by Rafflecopter). The winner will be announced on my blog, so make sure you check back on the 15th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 26, 2014

APC Walk For Life 2014 Completed!

Yesterday, October 25 was the Alpha Pregnancy Center's Annual Walk for Life event. It rained the night before into the early morning and we were all praying it would let up in time for the walk. And it did! As I walked up to the registration table, umbrella in hand, the sun started peaking through the clouds and the rain stopped! Thank you Lord!

Another answer to prayer was the number of participants. A week prior to the event, the director informed me that we needed 72 more people to walk in order for each team to be filled and the gifts delivered successfully. Well, on Saturday morning, she had her number and then some! Thank you Lord for making this the largest walk in over a decade! There were over 175 people participating!

Our team found the gifts we would be delivering. Can I just say they were the most adorable gifts! Check out this tiny rocking horse! And yes, one of my teammates gladly carried it for over a mile through the city!

And when we handed it to the almost-four-year-old-boy, he exclaimed "Yeah! From Chastidy!" (the director of the organization!) His smile could not have been bigger! His twin sister was eagerly as excited for the marker and paper set!

I gathered our team up, we grabbed those delightful packages, prayed and started our walk. Our team walked a total of 3.3 miles and actually got to walk through my own neighborhood. It was really a blessing to meet a family just a few streets away that has been helped by this organization!

This is happening!

After we delivered the gifts and prayed for the family, we head uphill to John McLaren Park for a celebration picnic. All the teams gathered and several families that received gifts joined us as we ate, played games, and had our faces painted.

At the end, Chastidy, the director gave out a few prizes and shared an update about their work. They are expanding their office to another location in the city and need more volunteers to help make it happen. Please pray that they would get the ten people they need trained and ready for this amazing and much needed work.

It was a great day and a great walk! By the time I got home I had walked six miles (walking back from the park!) and was exhausted! But so happy to have been a part of the event again this year.

Thank you to those of you who sponsored my walk. We raised $650 for the pregnancy center! Although I didn't meet my goal, it was still more than I've raised for past events and I am so thankful and grateful for your donations! You are giving families hope for their future!
Thank you!