Monday, November 9, 2009

The 1,350 mile "step" . . .

We did it! We took the first step—a 1,350 mile step to be exact. My husband and I are now in San Francisco, California (well, Castro Valley technically). On Saturday (Nov. 7), a few of our friends helped us pack up everything we owned that could possibly fit in our two vehicles and on the way we went. The journey from Colorado to California took two days and went really well, I'd say uneventful—unless you count me getting lost in Reno as an event, which I guess it was. We were very blessed with the good weather, great gas mileage, and having no car problems. (Everything stayed on the truck too!)

It has been exciting and very confirming to see how God has led and blessed us thus far . . . 
Chris and I started praying about where we were suppose to go in late August. He knew his position with the Navigators would be up at the end of October and wanted to start working in the film industry. This meant we could move to New York, Chicago, LA, or San Francisco. As we prayed for guidance, we visited a few of these cities and basically used the process of elimination (with the Holy Spirit) until San Francisco was left.

During this time, it seemed that whenever I had a doubt or a fear God would specifically address and encourage me. For instance, in early September I had an idea that was totally based on my own comforts. I told Chris that maybe he should move out here first and I would follow once he had a job. Both Chris and God did not like that idea. The very next day I lost my job. Drastic I know . . . but this totally went in line with God's plan for us. We needed to do this together.

The second word of encouragement about personal comforts was from Chris's brother in-law. We went to a small group to hear him and his wife speak about their lives overseas. He said, "I think one of the idols we have in America is comfort, and if your life is entirely comfortable, then you are probably not living a life of faith." His words confirmed that we were not crazy in considering this very uncomfortable move and motivated us to continue pursuing God's plan for us.

Then I started thinking about packing and how we were going to get all of our stuff across the country. There were many options—moving trucks, shipping freight, selling/giving it away. I was praying God would help me loosen my grip on my possessions. As I read the account of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis and it was clear. We were to leave our familiar city and take what we could carry. And although this word was given to me early on, we thought we could still take a small U-Haul, but at the last minute we decided even that wasn't right.

Another example is when Chris and I were in LA, seeing how difficult having a community seemed, I was questioning the idea of moving away from our close friends and tight-knit church community; would God be asking us to move away from something he created for us. The very next Sunday, the pastor at our church spoke on experiencing divine moments. His first three points hit me like a brick: 
1) You need to take the initiative
2) You need to let go of your blessings (aka: community)
3) You need to trust God, it will be hard

I think it was the very next week when Chris's dad called and said, "Chris, I want you to know that as I've prayed, even though I don't want you guys to move, I feel it is what God is calling you to do. But I want you to know that the Holy Spirit has told me it will be hard."

And then through the Navigator network we had a place to stay Castro Valley. A very sweet couple has offered us a place in their home until we can get on our feet. In all honesty
 I feel like I'm at a retreat center—the house is big and open, surrounded by trees, and very welcoming.

We are blessed. At the time, it seemed like God was being quiet. Looking back, it is very obvious that he was guiding us the entire time and still is. We've taken that first step and we are trusting that he will guide the next one just the same. He is a faithful God.

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Sharon M said...

Emily, thanks for starting the blog. We look forward to hearing about your adventures in California and what the Lord has in store for you guys. Blessings!