Sunday, July 4, 2010


Chris and I have been living in San Francisco for one month already—and we LOVE it! Our apartment really does feel like home and we are more comfortable with our surroundings. Over the past month, we've worked hard to furnish our home with used furniture, most of which was found at garage sales, craigslist or friends. We just have a few more things left to find before its complete!

My parents and two sisters came to visit during the last weekend in June. Amazingly, all 6 of us fit in our apartment and it worked great. We hiked around Muir Woods, went to the ocean, took public transportation downtown to do some shopping and toured Alcatraz Island. We also hit up a flea market and estate sale! It was a packed weekend!

Having family visit was wonderful. I hadn't seen my family since October and missed them terribly. Although, I think having them visit made me miss them even more as I realized just how far away from 'home' I really was. But Chris has been good to remind me that I have a new family and a new home now—with him in San Francisco.

So, as promised in my last blog post, below you will find photos of our apartment. (with my family)

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Katie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Emily! Your apartment looks great...I look forward to a trip to visit you some time in the future! Love ya!