Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Fun

October was a full month! William and I had a lot of fun with all of the Halloween/Fall Harvest activities.

Earlier in the month, Chris, William and I ventured over to Noe Valley (a neighborhood just a few streets over) to check out their Fall Harvest Pumpkin Patch. It was really a whole street fair with live music, food and booths up and down the block, but we hung out with the pumpkins for the most part. It was a really wonderful family day. It was warm, relaxed and a lot of fun.  And most of our friends with kids were there too! Bonus!

The other bonus was the free pumpkin! I didn't want to risk introducing William to paint for the first time while at the event, so we waited until we got home to put his mark on it. 

Last Wednesday, two other moms and their littles met me at the pumpkin patch! Now that William is walking, going places like this are a lot more fun - but also a lot of work! The kids had fun poking the pumpkins (and throwing them-- oops!), playing in the hay and wandering all over the place. 

And then Friday was Halloween! I typically don't do anything for Halloween, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see friends and have a little fun dressing William up! This year, he was Old McDonald, and I was his pig. Unfortunately, in the process of showing him my costume, he ripped my snout and I didn't have time to repair it before the party... this was the only photo I got of the two of us (sorry for the poor quality, had to share it anyway).

Cutest Mama Lion and her cub!

William didn't know what to do with himself at the block party we attended with our friends. Candy was of no interest to him (thankfully), but following the little Fireman around sure was fun! And so was flirting with the 9 month old strawberry!

This little red tricycle captured his attention for a while, until it's owner came by and saw William looking in the "trunk." (it was empty.) Again, now that he is walking, going out like this proves keep me on my toes and allows for very few finished conversation. Everyone was really friendly and it was great seeing all the creative customs! We only stayed for an hour in hopes of keeping to William's routine.

And with that, it's all of a sudden November! William is 13 months old and on the go, all of the time!

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