Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Day . . .

I walked out the door and started my 8-block-trek up Dolores street. The sun is shining brightly and its only 8:30—definitely didn't need my sweater and jacket. I feel fresh, new, nervous and excited just like the first day of school—where you could imagine what it would be like but really had no clue what was in store. (I even bought a new pair of dress pants for the occasion!) The sites on the streets were new to me . . . the 'For Rent' signs caught my attention immediately, the unique looks of the edwardian-style apartment buildings, parents dropping off their youngsters for school or daycare, and the all-important pedestrian 'walk' lights. I tried to notice everything.

Yesterday was my first day of work! Yes—I got a job. Just a temporary position with a non-profit called "Jews for Jesus." I work 40 hours a week for 4-6 weeks. The job: data-entry operator. What is that? Well, when you give a donation to a non-profit you eventually receive a receipt—my job is to enter in your donation information so each receipt is customized with the name, address, and donation amount printed on it. Its not exactly the most exciting job in the world obviously—but it is interesting to me (granted, I've only been doing it for 2 days).

Why is it interesting? For the last two years, I have worked for a large non-profit bringing in millions of dollars. I designed their receipts, their monthly newsletters, and other information the ministry sent them . . . and now I see how they kept it all straight. I understand the effort it takes to customize all those donor letters, receipts, appeals etc. (Sorry to spoil it for those who thought some poor employee had to type each letter individually so it looked like it was personally addressed to you!)

Let me back up to the beginning of story—where I walked out the door and was suddenly in San Francisco. Chris and I know a young couple in our new small group who got married just a few weeks after we did and are just now able to go on their honeymoon. They asked us to stay in their apartment while they're gone for the week (for free)! So, Chris and I are getting to 'try-out' living in San Francisco this week. We LOVE it!! The apartment is right in the middle of "The Mission" district which is exactly where we'd like to live. (And it cuts out the hour-long commute and transportation costs we have while living in Castro Valley.)

We have been blessed this week for sure—Chris is still working at his part-time temp job, I have this new temp job, and we're actually staying in San Francisco! Last week was also really great as Chris's mom, Sheryl, and younger sister, Shannon came to visit! You'll have to check out photos at here on facebook —hiking the Elkhorn Slough and the Muir Woods and visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium were all fantastic. And getting to spend time with my new in-law family is always a pleasure!

Continue to pray we find full-time and long-term employment soon. Now that we've experienced life in the city, I'm not sure how much longer we can wait to move here!

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Vicky said...

That is so exciting! I have some family that does some property management in the city, so let me know when you're looking for a place.