Sunday, August 29, 2010

City Life

"What do you like about the city?" Chris asked.

We were having lunch in downtown San Francisco and I had just exclaimed, "I really like it here!"

I grew up in rural, northwest Minnesota. You'll laugh when I tell you that I graduated with a class of 17 and the whole school (K-12) was less than 200 students. From there I moved to Moorhead, Minnesota which actually had an interstate highway! I never thought I would live in an area as urban as San Francisco. But I do love it here!

I love that I can take a bus or walk to work. I love that its a 10 minute walk to a major supermarket—but even better is the Mexican produce shop right across the street. I like walking by all the cute little boutiques on Valencia or discount stores on Mission St. There is no shortage of places to hang out, things to see, or do.

Last weekend, Chris and I took a walk down a street in our neighborhood. We were totally surprised to see a variety restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and bookstores, a video store, the library, and a natural food store! Yesterday, we discovered an amazing farmers market just a mile away too! I love my neighborhood!

Yes, sometimes the noise is too loud, the traffic is bad, and the busses run late. The weather is funky (I just heard that summer is in September!) and sometimes the sun only shines in one part of the city.

It reminds me of my time in Gambia too—the markets, the walking, and the public transportation were things I loved about that country (beyond those things, you can't really compare the two places at all).

I think its this urban lifestyle that makes me feel like I'm participating in something beyond myself. I'm surrounded by people everywhere I go: the bus, sidewalks, markets, etc. I'm never really alone (even in our apartment the street noise is very present). I'm reminded everyday that life is not about me! (I'll tell you more about that later!)

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