Sunday, September 26, 2010

Joy comes in the Morning (after you've waited)

Last Monday, Chris embarked on a new adventure! He started a new job!! (shouts of Joy inserted here) He started a new entry-level job in an editorial studio for a feature film. The job is contracted for three months with the possibility of it being extended four more months in December. We are also hoping that it might become a full-time job after that.

Right now is a time of transition for him as he finishes up the work for his previous employer and begins learning all his new job entails. So, he is currently working part-time at both places. Starting in October he will be working 40 hours/week for the studio. I must admit it is a time of transition for me too--gone are the days where Chris had spare time to run errands for me. Now, I have to learn where the Post Office and the Bank are!

This almost seems like the end to our story (or at least my blog) about our adventure to San Francisco. After 11 months, it is all fitting into place. But really, it is just the beginning of the work the Lord has for us here. We didn't move out here solely for work but also to be a witness for our Savior.

San Francisco is a very dark place spiritually. Its a city full of freedom to indulge in whatever lifestyle you desire where most of the time, it seems there are few consequences. Often we hear that people moved to this city to get away from Religion.

There is a need for our lights to shine brightly here. Please keep us in your prayers as we live out our faith. Pray co-workers, neighbors and others would see our good works and praise our Father in Heaven.

Another reason for joy is a new friendship! Chris is very closely tied to the Navigator ministry and therefore connected to people across the United States. So, when a College student who has been part of the Navigators moves out to San Francisco, we are here to welcome him/her. We had our first opportunity to do so a few weeks ago.

Mary moved to the city without knowing a soul. A Nav Bible study leader from her college connected the three of us. From there we were able to take her to church and introduce her to our small group. Because she is surrounded by unbelievers at her new school and in her apartment she seems to crave Christian fellowship and I am so thankful we can be that for her. Please pray for our new friend, she's had a rough transition. Pray she would find others her age who are also believers.

Over Labor Day, Chris and I went to San Antonio Texas for a few days to see his family. We had such a wonderful time. All of his siblings were home and we were able to send off his brother, Brad, to France for a mission trip. The highlights were getting caught in a huge rain storm and teaching our three-year-old niece to ride her bike!

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear this! Congratulations on the job, Chris! We need to talk soon :) Sounds like you all are getting settled into your new area and new mission well! Can't wait to see you all soon! -- Stephen Holechek