Monday, May 23, 2011

An Ode to Anya & Friends

Last weekend I flew to Colorado Springs to watch one of my very best friends get married! It was a whirl-wind of a trip . . . I was in the state of Colorado for only 51 hours but had the best time catching up with good friends and being by Anya's side (as her personal attendant) as she became Mrs. Inman.

Anya and I met in 2007 just once before becoming house-mates. We lived together for almost a year doing almost everything together; Anya is a fast-talking Russian who loves life and adventure.  Her passion for life rubbed off on me and we quickly became friends and hung out every chance we had. We were each other's sounding board when it came to dealing with relationships (i.e: when I started dating Chris and she with her male friends that always wanted more . . . but were never good enough in my opinion). We hiked, camped, and shopped together.  It was a very fun year.

A year later she was in my wedding and we have kept in touch fairly well throughout my recent life transitions. I was not going to miss this event in her life for anything!

The beautiful bride just hanging out before the ceremony
She's so excited!
It was such a beautiful day—we couldn't have asked for better weather
(we did ask for it . . . all day Friday while it rained)
Beautiful bridesmaids

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Inman
Getting ready for the party!

Swing dancing . . . this started with Anya and I deciding
to take lessons on Sundays while we lived together
(Note: Both of our husband's began dating us after becoming our dance partners!)

Love that smile! 
Off they go!
He's such a lucky guy

The day was wonderful! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception and dance were a blast. During the reception I was able to spend some time with my other very good friends and dancing like no one was watching (and then someone showed me photos! yikes!)

Josh -- oh Josh how we have missed you!

Liz & Ben -- two of the most wonderful people I know!

I have been blessed to have so many fantastic friends (all over the country). There is something so special and sweet about seeing such good friends after a long time apart. And being present for such a monumental occasion! I can only describe it as being good for my soul. I needed this. 

Friends, I love you all! Thanks for being in my life!


Cara said...

Aww, how fun! Glad you got to go back to the Springs and see everyone! The wedding looked beautiful! I can't wait to see you soon, too! We'll talk details soon :)

Suz said...

Ah... have been anxiously waiting to see pics- so sweet! Thanks for sharing Em!! Glad you made it for the celebration! :)

Anya Michelle said...

Nice Pics, Em!!! I finally made my way to reading your blog, I am so behind these days. Thank you for capturing the moments and being with me, you are such a wonderful friend!!! Love you!