Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Adventurous Friend

Please note this was originally written on June 11 but was not posted until the 19th -- sorry to keep you waiting!

If you ever need to cross the Pacific Ocean, I hope you take a day to visit us first. Our good friend Cara did last weekend! Before she started her year-long adventure backpacking overseas she planned a layover in San Francisco. It was just a day, but it was a great day!

I know you have experienced saying goodbye to a good friend before. Chris and I left our very close-knit community when we moved from Colorado -- Cara was part of that group. We aren't always very good at keeping in touch, but when we do have a chance to connect, it's GOOD. It satisfies my soul. I felt that same way when I spent the weekend with friends in Colorado in May. I was blessed to have that experience again so soon with Cara's visit. We picked up right where we left off--as good friends often do.

We spent the day seeing a few sights and driving around different parts of the city. Most of our discussion was about her upcoming trip.  I love seeing our friends and family take steps of faith, risk comfort, and go on an adventure. It reminds me of the step we took when we moved to California and inspires me to take more risks and trust Him more.

It has been a year since we moved into the city. I can't believe how the time has gone by so fast. And how quickly we can settle in and become comfortable with our new life. Which is good in one sense--we feel at home, we can get around, we have what we need etc. But in another sense, we don't feel the urgency to depend on our Father for our next meal, our home, or job like we did a year ago.

Cara had shared with me that she was hoping to experience God in deeper ways through this trip. I doubt she will have to wait very long before she feels an urgency to have more faith, know God more, and pray more. The unknown can be a scary thing -- but God often does incredible things when you walk by faith through the unknown.

Listening to Cara share her uncertainties and hopes for the next year really spurred me on to live with more faith! Who can't use a little push in that direction? I look forward to hearing the lessons she's learned and the experiences she's had! Have an amazing adventure Cara!

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Sheryl B said...

Our women at church are going through the Bible study by Beth Moore - Believing God. It is a challenge to step out of your comfortable belief into an adventure of believing God in areas you had not dare before. Well, I am excited and look forward to God growing my faith in Him, His power, His plan. I can't wait to spend some time with you both next month!