Sunday, May 13, 2012

For Mom

I am thankful for my mom for so many reasons. Not only did she care for me, raise me, and along with my dad provide a wonderful childhood for me, but she also taught me many things.

I grew up watching her be a mom, a wife, a daughter, and a woman. I saw how she loved my dad, saying goodbye to him every morning with a kiss and said goodnight every evening with "I love you." I watched how she interacted with her mother and how she respected her father.

I witnessed first hand how she cared for her children; taking opportunities each day to tell us she loved us and teach us something. It might be something small or it could be life changing. The things she taught me really made me who I am.

This weekend, as I am far from my mom, I was thinking about all she has shown me and taught me. (And thinking about the things I wish I would have learned under her roof).

  • She taught me how to bake. I love baking her chocolate chip cookies. 
  • She taught me to cook a little too. I wish I would have had the patience to watch her in the kitchen more. 
  • She taught me to sew, although she probably thought I would never have picked up that hobby again! She taught me how to clean, which when you're 8 years old seems like such a big chore, but now at 28, I'm glad I know what I'm doing (sort of . . . again, I wish I would have paid better attention to certain things like cleaning the oven). 
  • She taught me how to do the laundry and told me that you always vacuum before you dust. 
  • She taught me how to walk, talk, write and count. 
  • She taught me right from wrong and how to read my Bible and say my prayers.
  • She taught me how to plant a garden and transplant flowers.
She instilled in me my values. Belief in Jesus comes first. Family is also pretty close to the top. Education and learning are important.  And so is being a good neighbor and valuing people.

My mom is pretty compassionate, she's also really smart. She is kind and loving. She's also very protective and fights for what is right. She loves her job and I think she always has.

I'm very fortunate to have such a loving mother. One who is always there for me, and supports me even when it's hard. Taught me so much of (if not everything) I know.

So often I find myself thinking thoughts that she would think or making an expression she would make (now I know why my siblings always teased me about being just like mom) and it reminds me to embrace who I am because my mom is a pretty great lady.

Happy Mother's Day -- I love you mom!

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Connie said...

Thank-you Emily!! You are and were a pretty wonderful daughter to have, a true blessing from God.