Sunday, May 27, 2012

Road Trip to Sonoma

We are not very good at planning our three-day weekends in advance, which means that all the camp sites are full and other over-night options pass us by. But, determined to go somewhere and do something, Chris and I decided to go hiking.

We found out that there was a Historical State Park where the famous author Jack London lived not to far from Sonoma. On Saturday morning, I woke up to find Chris making us a picnic lunch! I made breakfast and soon after we left on our almost two-hour long road trip. The weather was really great and it was a beautiful drive.

Jack London and his wife had built there dream house north of Sonoma in a fairly secluded woodsy area. It was made of stone and lava rock; the 18-room home cost a lot of money (especially for the early 1900s). Just weeks before they were set to move in, a fire burned it down. All that remained was the stone walls. The ruins of his dream home in the forest were beautiful. He planned to rebuild it but died within a few years after and that plan was never realized. It was tragic . . . but beautiful.

After two hours of walking around his vast property and taking in all the beauty of it, we drove just 20 minutes south to stop at a winery our friends had mentioned to us long ago. Not many wineries offer free tastings but this one did. The grounds of this winery (like most I'm sure) were absolutely gorgeous. There were fountains, flower beds, trees and lagoons.

We took our time with the tasting, trying several I had never heard of before. Most were delicious, especially the port-like sweet wine they gave us at the end! (I'm always a fan of wine that goes well with chocolate!) Chris picked out one of the wines we tried and bought a bottle.

We took out or packed lunch and enjoyed our wine right there at the winery! I'll be honest, it was pretty romantic.

We had a wonderful afternoon together exploring and relaxing. Getting away for a three-day weekend would have been nice, but this one-day get away was just as sweet (not to mention more affordable and less stressful).

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