Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby B: Four Months Old

William is now four months old. I cannot believe how much he has grown and changed in the last month. He is now 27.5" long and weighs 13lbs. 13oz. (please tell me they make slim-fit for babies!)

He has started talking to us with more sing-songy coos and baby words. He loves to let us know just how much he hates going to bed by singing a little "mmmmm-ooooo-uuuuu-mhmmmh" song and giving us his cutest sad face.

His hands have found his mouth and with that comes a lot of drool. I've heard that won't get better anytime soon! But it is nice that he can soothe himself with his fingers for now.

He is still not a huge fan of tummy-time, but we do it anyway. He has rolled over from tummy-to-back a handful of times and accidentally rolled over from back-to-tummy once. He did not like that at all! But we'll be practicing that more this month and hopefully giggles will ensue soon.

We took out some new toys last month and he just loved that. I think we may have waited too long to introduce his safari gym to him as he just cannot get enough of it. (Which is nice because it lets me get a few minutes of work done!) He especially likes things that fit in his mouth. (yeah...)

Chris has gotten him to giggle a few times by tickling him too! He thinks it's funny to have his shirt taken off over his head, too! He is usually very alert to the sounds around him and looks around a lot whenever we go somewhere new. He also gets pretty distracted when I'm trying to feed him if someone walks in the room or sirens go off near our apartment.

William has just started to sleep a little longer at night. His first round can last up to 6 hours which is amazing. One night, Chris and I even got to bed early enough to have 6 hours of sleep ourselves! I felt like a whole different person. But the rest of his night is not as peaceful -- he is still getting up every 1-3 hours until 5 a.m.  -- and then he is ready for the day. And we are not.

I am feeling much more confident driving with him in the car and getting him from Point A to Point B. We've started using our Ergo-Baby carrier now, which is a hit or miss if he likes it or not. I love it though.

William has come with me to my office for brief meetings and loves all of the ladies. He made an appearance at a Super Bowl Party this past weekend and has had some great play times with our friends as they babysit for us when they can. He also visited the nursery at church for the first time. He has a tendency to be very serious when meeting new people.

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