Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Friend's Wedding

The second part of our trip to Southern California was a wedding of one of Chris's college friends. I had met him a couple of times as well, but other than the groom we didn't know anyone else there.

The wedding was outdoors, in a wooded area in the middle of nowhere. As we were driving along the dirt roads I flashed back to a road trip I took to visit my aunt and uncle in Nebraska. The directions for both included crossing a cattle guard!

We made it to the wedding with thirty minutes to spare. Only a few other guests were seated which was perfect. I could get William fed and take a look at the decorations before it all started. It may have been outside and in the middle of nowhere but it was romantic and beautifully decorated. At first, I thought that with all the wild flowers in unique vases and strings of lights in the trees it must be a in-demand venue for a wedding but the more I thought about it, I bet this bride was glued to Pintrest for a long time!

Just take a look:

 The bride walked through these awesome rustic door!

A chandelier in the trees!

Linen table clothes, burlap table runners, mismatched china, and roses.
Also, each table number had a note about the Bride and Groom about their relationship--super cute!

So sweet!

Chris with his friend, Jeremy (the Groom!)

I couldn't get over how pretty it was. The decorations, natural beauty of the location and the lights just all went together so well. It's happened to me before, where I just get struck by the overall beauty of the scene before me and this was one of those times - I was awestruck. I sat back and soaked it all in. It was good for my soul.

As the sun went down and we were getting ready to go, the lights took on a whole new effect. There was a creek that ran right though the reception location that had dried up but they put a ton of tea-lights in it! It was such a great idea. I tried to capture it with my camera but I couldn't do it justice.

 Of course, we had to take a family photo!

William did okay during the day, but by the time the wedding started (a little late), he was tired of being in one spot. I took him to the side and we looked at dirt while the bride walked down the aisle and did the airplane during the vows. He only made a couple of loud squawks so I was pleased with how well he did. It was already William's bedtime by the time the reception started. We decide to stay anyway. They had appetizers and fun fruit drinks which were great and held us over while the bridal party took photographs. And just as the Father of the Bride was starting his speech, William through a fit! Well, not really a fit, just his typical "I'm tired" cry. Shortly after that, he was asleep and we could enjoy the dinner.

It was a very sweet wedding. The pastor said some really great things, most of which I'm struggling to remember right now (darn!). The Father of the Bride's toast was very, very good. Through it all you could tell the couple is very much in love and the families are so happy they found each other. We are thrilled for them too and so glad we could be there to witness their day!

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