Sunday, June 29, 2014

Handmade Wallet

Two years ago, Chris bought me a cash-envelope system for my birthday. There were five envelopes with a plastic comb binding; each envelope had a different design and color. It was really pretty and made it a little more exciting to have to carry cash around. And it fit perfectly in my wallet.

It got a lot of use in two years. It had been taped back together multiple times and re-labeled. Finally, two months ago, my water bottle leaked in my bag and my paper envelopes practically dissolved. They were done.

I had known for a while that they would need to be replaced, and I had assumed that I would just make my own paper envelopes and find another way to bind it. But then I stumbled on this blog and figured a cloth wallet would last a lot longer and with zipper pouches I could keep my coins in place as well! It was going to be perfect.

I bought the supplies a long time ago, before William was born actually. And a couple of weeks ago I finally had time to sit down and put it together. It took two afternoons but it turned out pretty good.

I made an adjustment to the instructions on the blog: I put a sash on it with velcro instead of the elastic and button. There are a few things I should have done differently, like put the velcro on before sewing the sash to the wallet, and making the credit card slots a little narrower. I also got one of the zippers on the wrong way. None of these are really a big deal (unless a credit card falls out!).

The one downside is that it is two inches bigger and another inch thicker than my previous wallet making it more of a clutch than a wallet. It fits fine in my diaper bag, but is a little bulky in my purse.

I used fabric that I had bought years ago for quilting so my only purchase was the zipper. Even the cute button was in my stash. I plan on replacing the velcro with a white square soon but have to get to the craft store first.

Now if I spill on it, I can easily wash it and dry it and my change isn't going to fall out everywhere. And it has me motivated to continue doing the cash system all over again!

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