Sunday, June 7, 2015

Toddler Boy: 20 Months

Our little guy is 20 months old. He is talking up a storm, picking up new words everyday. He loves his books more than ever. His first words after waking up are usually, "book, book." So each morning we read for 15-20 minutes while he drinks his morning milk.

This month we have been experimenting with taking one nap instead of two. Sometimes it works well, sometimes he still needs two. We've been trying new things at the local recreational centers: Tot Play --where they have toy cars, push carts, balls, blocks and more to play with. Kind of like an "open gym" for babies. (I have been trying Zumba there on Saturdays.)

He loves the cars. He is coordinated enough now to get in and out mostly on his own and can move around some too!

William also loves to be a part of all things happening in the kitchen. He helps us prep eggs or pancakes for breakfast, he helps me make Chris's lunch for the next day and sometimes dinner. He also loves water play while we try to get the dishes done. If we are in the kitchen, William is usually on the chair right there with us.

Toddler Boy loves basketball. He has for quite sometime. We got him a full-size ball of his own at the Salvation Army a while ago and although it's bulky to take along to the park, it is his favorite thing. He watches basketball practices at a nearby gym with Chris almost every weekend and sometimes I will show him the skills I picked up in the 7th grade, too.

This past month he has been sick twice. Otherwise he a really happy little boy. He loves playing outside. We've had the blessing of having a few play-dates at a nearby park this last month too! The boys don't necessarily play together but they often want to be near each other and watch what the other is doing.

Trucks, trucks and more trucks. Dump trucks, firetrucks, ambulances, delivery trucks, mail vans, and cars. All are worthy of attention and excitement. We walked by three huge electric-company trucks the other day and William was having the best time admiring all of the equipment and all of the wheels or "wheols."

He is so much fun. And so sweet. He has mastered saying "Thank You" for nearly everything, he also loves "tray" trading toys. He loves joining someone on the see-saw and swings and is starting to notice when other babies aren't happy, often mimicking their cries. 

Our days are full, but so are our hearts.

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