Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shower Games (The Party Kind)

Last weekend, a few friends and I hosted a bridal shower. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year and we went with a southern comfort food theme of mac and cheese and biscuits (and we don't do air conditioning in this city) . . . we should have just bought ice cream! Anyway, it was fun and a great time to be together.

My role in this shower was to plan the games. Games are tricky. They can get long and boring, they can get too personal or not personal enough, they can be so fun that no one remembers the guest of honor . . . just kidding, shower games have never done that! Anyway, games took me a while to plan. But I think they did well enough to tell you about them!

Game #1
Not really a game as there were no winners, but an activity that got people talking (to the bride). I typed up questions and cut them into strips so that each person would pick a question out of a jar. They had to read the question and answer it for the bride.
Questions included:

  • Share a piece of advice for the bride 
  • Share a fun date idea 
  • What is your favorite cleaning product?
  • What do you cook when you don't feel like cooking?
  • What is your favorite Scripture regarding marriage/being a godly woman?
  • What is one kitchen utensil you have but have never used?

Game #2
How well do you know the Bride? I typed up 10 questions and had everyone fill them out; after a few minutes we had the Bride tell us the answers (tip: if you ask "what countries have you been to?" make sure you know if the bride has literally traveled the world... my 10 point quiz had a possible 20+ answers)

Game #3
Bridal Shower Bingo. I took this idea from another shower I had been to because it was the best way I had seen guests involved with the gift opening portion of the party. Everyone gets a bingo card which has potential gifts listed. If the bride opens that gift, you get to mark the square. First one to 5 in a row wins! It was great because all the guests were hoping for the next box to be something specific and were even shouting "Is that a toaster," or "Please say that's a toolbox."(NOTE: this may not have a winner . . . best used for larger showers)

Games are not essential but they kept the party going and we got to hear some great advice and get to know our friend a little better! The event went well and the Bride felt loved which is the most important thing. 

One more:

Last year I created another game for a baby shower which I don't think I ever shared here. It was also a Bingo game but instead of playing it for the gift opening, we played it as a get-to-know you game. The idea was to find people at the party who matched the description in one of the boxes. You had that person sign that box and the first one to get five in a row won.

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