Monday, August 3, 2015

Minnesota Summer: Part 1

Last week Chris, William and I headed to Minnesota where we planned to spend time with my family and celebrate my mother's birthday. The flight went well enough. William did really well during the whole flight, including the hour we sat on the plane before taking off. We read a lot of books, played with stickers, ate snacks and talked to our neighbors. He shouted "Hooray" several times throughout the flight. And who can't smile when a little boy shouts "Hooray" in your face?! My sister picked us up and we had dinner with her and her family. After that, William clearly needed to go to bed (this kid doesn't nap on planes or in cars!) so we rushed across the street to where we were staying.

The next day, we had breakfast with my Great Aunt Sylvia, Aunt Carol and Uncle Paul and the Hunt family. It was a full table, but still a pleasant time to get to see each other face to face. After a breakfast and a few photos, we got in Uncle Paul's car and started the long drive "up North."

We stopped along the way to see my Grandma's sister. She promptly made us lunch and we had a nice chat. Then a few miles up the road we stopped again to see my cousin and her family. Her youngest daughters are almost year older than William -- he tried to keep up, but often just stood back and watched what they did.

We made it to Plummer a little before 7 p.m. Not bad considering how many stops we made! Mom had dinner ready for us and then it was early to bed for William.

On Thursday, Erin (another wonderful cousin) drove over to see us with her almost four year old son, Blaine. I hadn't seen her or her son since Blaine was 2 (and William was 3 months old). We all played with my old childhood toys and went outside to watch the sheep and play on the skid-steer and lawnmower. I'm so glad they could come and see us for an afternoon, although, with two very active boys, there wasn't much time for "girl-talk."

 On Friday, we drove to East Grand Forks so I could see my little sister's house. She and her husband bought it last year and have been working hard at decorating and making it their own-- including remodeling the bathroom! It is such a great place for the two of them and I'm so glad I got to see it -- and introduce William to their little dog, a toy poodle who loved to run and jump just like him.

We also hit up Sam's Club for our weekend family reunion -- and yes, we over did it! I think we could have stayed an extra three days and not ran out of food!

We made it home just in time for a few aunts and uncles to join us for dinner. My dad's eldest brother was about to turn 70, which is much cause for celebration!

And on Saturday, we headed to Itasca State Park for our Family Weekend. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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