Thursday, August 18, 2016

Baby B2: Three Months Old

Stephen Christopher is now three months old. He looks a lot bigger than he did a month ago. The last time I had his measurements taken, he was 10 pounds 5 ounces and 23 inches long!

This month was a fun one! We brought out the toys and he loves them. He bats at the hanging toys from his activity mat and smiles as he hears them jingle. When on his tummy, he no longer cries but will try to lift his head up and then relax and chew on his fist. He smiles a lot now and will coo and even laugh!

He still has fits of colic/gas but the hours of crying seem to be behind us! We are still figuring out a routine but I feel much more confident in reading his tired cues now than I did a month ago. I also know that he will cry for 3-5 minutes in protest of every nap while I cuddle him and sing, so I can push through that without too much stress. I think this baby would be a great napper if his brother would leave him alone long enough to fall asleep! [insert frustration]

He has blessed us with three nights of 5+ hours of sleep in a row so we are feeling pretty good this week. Although once he wakes up at 3 a.m. it is nearly impossible to get him to sleep for a solid hour again . . . but we are thankful regardless.

He went on his first flight at the end of July to attend my brother's wedding and meet my whole family. He did really well on the flights and wasn't too fussy in the terminal. The five hour lay over we had was a bit too long for all of us and we will try to avoid that next time.

He has found his hands and won't let them go! Most of my photos look like this now!

He smiles at William, but isn't too sure about all the noise toddler boy makes. He puts up with William's hugs and pats pretty well. William just loves being near him and can't keep his hands off of him! And he definitely wouldn't leave Stephen alone during the photo shoot!

 I'll do a real "3 Year Old" shoot with William in just six weeks, but he really wanted one done today.

The blanket was made by my dad's cousin. Read more about it here.

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