Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Onesie for a Wedding

Last month, my brother got married! I know, I need to post more about, please be patient! A few weeks before we flew out, I found myself looking at my tiny 2 month old asking "What does a newborn wear to a wedding? An outdoor, summer wedding?" I didn't want to spend a lot money on a suit that a) wouldn't really fit him and b) he would only wear for a few hours . . . so, what's a girl to do?

Well, thanks to Pintrest and my sleepless nights, I found a tutorial to embellish a plain white onesie with a vest and tie. Perfect! So, one weekend, I had Chris take the boys to the park and I got busy (instead of taking a nap...).

I drew out a pattern only to realize that I had one 6" square of navy blue fabric, so I tossed the pattern and cut the fabric in half, and then shaped it to the onesie. It didn't turn out anything like the tutorial I read, but it worked well enough. It was supposed to overlap in the middle and have buttons . . . oh, well.

The bow tie was easy enough so I decided to make two. One for the wedding and another just for fun. They are interchangeable with a snap!

Other than iron-transfers, this was my first time sewing something on a onsie. It was a lot tricker than I expected because I couldn't get the tiny onsie to lay flat under the needle.

I was at JCPenny and found a pair of matching shorts for just a few dollars and that completed his look! Of course, I didn't take a single photo of my son on the day of the wedding, so here's a picture my mom took of us together.

Isn't he handsome!?

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