Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 Walk For Life: Goals Met, Friends Made

Thanks to everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal this year! We raised $550 for Alpha Pregnancy Center. And all participants combined raised over $12,000!

The walk was great. My team was small, just four of us and a little boy. (I didn't bring William and Stephen because it gets to be a long morning and I wanted to focus on leading the team and being a photographer). We walked a little over two miles total delivering a couple of packages to one family who has been blessed by Alpha this year.

The whole family was home. A little 7 year-old girl and a boy nearly 18 months. They were getting ready to go to a harvest festival at a nearby school so the boy was dressed up as spiderman and the girl a princess. They entire family was all smiles. I could tell they loved Alpha and they loved this special delivery. We prayed with them and asked the Lord of Heaven and Earth to provide stable employment for the father and health and provision for all four of them.

I had signed up to be a team leader which means I was suppose to recruit five walkers to join me. I asked a lot of mom friends, at least the ones I thought might be interested but all were out of town or busy that weekend. Only one said she'd come. I was so thankful! She was a new friend and I didn't know her well so when she came I was thrilled. We had nearly two hours to talk and get to know each other (and the other two members of my team who had signed up without a team).

After delivering the gifts, we hiked up a hill to a park where everyone was gathering for a picnic. At the park, our families joined us and our boys played really well together! I'm hoping we can arrange for us all to play again soon!

Thanks again for partnering with me in this year's walk! Looking forward to doing it again next year!

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