Sunday, February 19, 2017

Baby B2: Nine Months Old

It's been a big week in our house. After having three nights in a row of terrific sleep for everyone (only one feed!) we had a couple of super rough days and nights with a little guy sprouting teeth . . . three to be exact. And another one close behind! Three teeth at once seems like a joke, but I assure it is not something you can ever truly laugh about. I can't. I'm just so tired. Chris reminds me often that "it isn't easy being a baby."

I've been saying that Stephen has to play catch up because his teeth seemed a little slow to come in. So, now he has a total of five and one more on the way (I just know it). On the plus side he has been very eager to eat more and more foods and his hand/eye coordination has improved so self-feeding is happening!

And just this past Thursday, Stephen finally took to crawling! Only going a few "steps" at a time, but he's got the motions. And then, literally minutes later, he pulled up to standing in his crib. Seriously? In one week! Now I need to get busy and clean! He loves getting tangled up in our phone charging cords and finding bits of paper on the floor.

William has started to play with him more which is awesome and so fun to watch. Today, they sat in the crib together, laughing and squirming around. William said it was a space ship blasting off to Mercury. Stephen just thinks William is a super hero. The way Stephen watches his big brother shows an admiration and brother-love I hadn't even anticipated or hoped for. Of course, William doesn't always want Stephen to play with him or with his things but that makes these moments all the more sweet.

Stephen loves to sing and yell, especially in the car. Sometimes he hums with my while I sing to him at bedtime. He also loves kicking. . . the cupboards, the toy box, the baby gate, the cookie sheets, his crib, the car seat and water.

Nursing has come to an end. He just refuses to latch at all now, which I believe is because he prefers the bottle and we've never had that great of a nursing relationship, truthfully. I saw it coming, as he had first given up nursing during the day but now even refuses at night. Guess that means I can give the "okay" to sleeping training, right!? He takes a bottle just fine and we've supplemented with formula since the beginning. My supply has always been low but now it's just so low I often wonder if it's even worth pumping. I don't feel quite ready to give up completely, but I know I won't last much longer. This has been hard to come to terms with. I had every hope that the second baby would be easier to nurse, not harder! I had put up with a lot for William and nursed him for 14 months even though my supply wasn't enough. But Stephen just isn't interested.

This month we've stayed close to home as the boys both had coughs and colds for most of it. And there was just so much rain! The sun was out a few days ago and it finally felt like the February I love. We've made it the parks a few times with friends and Stephen just loves the swing!

The photo shoot this month was quite hilarious, and a lot of work. He refused to sit in one spot long enough for me to actually focus the camera and the blocks were no help at all -- although I have plenty of photos of them in his mouth! We didn't even try posing on his back because he never stays there either! I even had to pull Chris in to help and my last series of shots are my favorite!

He loves pulling our faces and glasses right off our noses!

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