Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Faith on Repeat

It has been nearly a month since I left my job to stay at home full time with my boys. We're still finding our rhythm. They've been sick (RSV, cough, cough) for weeks and are just now showing signs of normalcy. Even with the sicknesses I have loved being home with them.

I'll be honest, I'm still taking it a little easy on the projects. Did you notice I haven't been blogging much? I've started focusing on a little more self-care in my quiet moments. I do a quiet time with my journal and Bible, I joined a gym that has childcare and I'll go when the kids aren't sick! I started watching a TV show while I pump during nap time. It feels good not to rush all the time. Don't worry. I also do the laundry, make homemade meals every night and try to clean up and do the dishes all day too.

I wish I could say this choice of mine has been easy-peasy for our family. But it hasn't and it continues to have it's challenges. I mentioned in a previous post that my husband's company hasn't been able to pay their employees in January. Still haven't actually. But worse yet, was that his insurance was also canceled. The day before mine ended and our family was supposed to go onto his. Ironic right? Scary too. So, now we're applying for private coverage which is totally insane.

I haven't wanted to write about it because I was hoping it would just fix itself and be a non-issue. But that doesn't seem to be the case. So, here we are digging into our savings and praying for provision just like we were at the beginning of this journey.

Check out my post from exactly 7 years ago:

Did someone press the rewind button?

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