Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Baby B2: Eleven Months Old

I don't have any new measurements for this little guy this month, but if he hasn't grown in length and weight, he has grown in personality.  He yells and screams to get our attention or to end a meal and seems to be expressing his opinion more and more. He is talking most of the time these days. No real words, just baby talk. He does say "mama" but not really in reference to me. Both my mother-in-law and I, on separate occasions, heard him say "light" while pointing to a light. So perhaps "light" really is his first word?! Pointing is also a new skill.

He loves to play with balls and has already shown interest in basketball, just like his brother. A ball will keep him quite occupied for an afternoon. I've watched him hold the ball above his head and let it go behind him, turn around and find it, and do it over and over again. He has also thrown the ball forward a few times. (He has also bitten pieces out of two balls so far. Really shouldn't leave this baby unattended!)

He has started "vrooming" cars across the floor already. He loves watching the traffic out the window, even though he has to stand on his tip-toes to see anything. He clucks his tongue like I do and he thinks it is so very funny. He laughs with his mouth wide open showing off the mouth that is still only filled with six teeth.

Stephen does really well at playing on his own. I hate thinking this is a necessity for his survival instead of just something he enjoys, but he is the second child so my attention isn't as focused as it probably should be. But he is awesome at finding ways to entertain himself for extended periods of time. (He didn't learn that from William!) I am so grateful.

He really likes getting to the park. Crawling around the equipment, up the slides, and cruising around the stuff he can reach keep him busy. Gone are my relaxing days at the park. This guy loves adventure . . . and eating dirt.

Stephen has been very easy to transport thus far. His hate-the-carseat phase didn't last as long as William's and he really likes the stroller. I'm so thankful for this because we are often on the go! In a typical week, we have two preschool pick-ups, trips to the library and the parks, and if I'm lucky, two mornings at the gym and a playdate thrown in.

Stephen typically takes two solid naps during the day. Usually 90 minutes each. When one doesn't happen it makes for a long day, but we survive. Bedtime has returned to normal after our trip to Las Vegas, but we can't seem to stop the 5 a.m. wake-up/feed from happening. I'm thankful that more often than not, he does go back to sleep!

(This picture isn't the greatest, but I had to share it because he is stacking blocks for the first time ever!)

Last weekend, Chris's mom joined us for Easter weekend. And while Stephen probably didn't understand all of the festivities involved in his first Easter, it was still a fun time and so glad we got to share it with Nana.

He's on the move all the time, which made this photo shoot a real challenge. He loves being with me, even if it means clinging to my legs while I work in the kitchen or sit on my lap while I type. He's a cute sidekick!

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