Friday, April 21, 2017

He is Risen! And Other Easter Chaos

Sunday morning was one of those mornings where everything seemed to make me a little too uptight. The boys were up early, breakfast was had before 7 a.m. It was cloudy and raining. The baby wouldn't fall asleep at nap time. Which was super stressful because if he napped perfectly, we'd make it to church in time, which was important because William was going to be singing in the service.

And then our bathroom flooded when our neighbor took a shower. Yep. At 8:00 a.m. Easter morning Chris was using the bathroom (TMI?) and whipped open the door yelling, "Honey, get some towels!" But before I could even respond, he had gotten the towels himself and was literally catching water as it pooled over our bathroom sink. The water was coming up through the pipes of our sink! I freaked out. Panicked. Chris told me what to do - find a hose. Right. I found it with his exact instructions and he was able to move the water from the sink to the bathtub and it eventually stopped --when the shower upstairs ended. The contents of our under-the-sink-cabinent were cleared out, the water wiped up and the plumber on his way. Thank the Lord a plumber was able to come on Easter morning!

Stephen eventually fell asleep, the plumber came and he even slept through the noise. Chris stayed behind for the baby to nap and I took William to church, we got there just in time. The whole way there, I could not stop thinking "Jesus is Risen, He is alive. Nothing else matters. Today or any day. Thank you Jesus." The burden of the morning lifted from my shoulders and I felt a renewed freedom.

We met Nana at church and sat near the front so we could see the kids best. The service was wonderful. The kids all got up in front and sang two songs. They had been practicing for weeks and were awesome! This was the first time in several years they have performed for the congregation and William's first time. I loved it. William wasn't into any hand motions other than the air guitar but he sang loud and well.

I worked in the nursery during the second half of the service. It was the busiest Sunday our nursery and children's church has had in two years! Seven calm and fun babies! Thankfully lots of moms stayed in the room. I'm so thankful for families who have started coming to our church recently! I love having full classrooms and more families to connect with! It's something we've prayed for for a long time.

Chris and Stephen made it to church for the last 20 minutes or so (unreliable public transportation in the rain was not fun for either of them). After church we did a quick family photo in the rain and headed home for nap time.

After much better naps, and making rolls and brussels sprouts for Easter dinner we headed to our friend's home for amazing food, fellowship and sharing in the joy of the Risen Lord.

William and I colored eggs on Saturday and we brought them to our Easter dinner, not really to eat but to hide during dinner so William was occupied long enough for us to finish the meal without too many distractions. It worked great!

Although the morning was chaos and hard -- exhausting to be honest, the day was actually very enjoyable and fun. And my heart was centered on the very person it should have been: Jesus.

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