Friday, June 30, 2017

Another Special Visitor

We had a week of fun with Chris's sister Shannon last week. I love that she can travel when school is on break – and so blessed that she chooses to travel to us so frequently! The boys had a blast with their Aunt. They read books (oh, so very many books!), played trucks and dinosaurs and we even got to see some sights together. 

Her first day with us we went to the Japanese Tea Garden. We had never been there before and didn't realize that they had free admission before 10 a.m. several times a week! We arrived at 9:55 – Whew! It was a very peaceful space with a little creak filled with fish. The fish and the stone path kept William entertained enough. Afterwards we wandered over to the fountains nearby and had a picnic lunch. I don't know what it is about kids and fountains but my boys can sit watching the water for what seems like such a long time! If Stephen wasn't trying to climb in, I might have been able to relax! The only thing to draw their attention away from the water was a large flatbed truck/trailer driving by.

The next day was supposed to be the hottest day of the week so we packed up and went to the beach in Pacifica. It was really busy (surprise!!) and parking took a while, but we had fun in the sand for an hour and headed home. I didn't realize my sister-in-law was so talented in molding sand and play-doh. William loved watching her create . . . and then promptly destroyed them. 

We made a couple trips to the library and playgrounds. We took naps when we could and played games in the evening. It almost felt like I was on vacation too!

Chris took his sister to Muir Woods on Saturday morning for a hike while I stayed home with the boys. And then she babysat that evening so we could go on a date! We went to the movie and saw Wonder Woman. I love superhero movies; William is really into comic books right now so he was very excited for me to see it.

On Sunday after naps we headed to the park and took some photos. It was so fun to capture the boys playing with Chris and Shannon. I so rarely take my camera out – but I love it when I do! Here comes the photo dump:

This is what it was really like...

His preferred method of mobility

Seriously, the boys love her. She's just so fun!

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