Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Preschool Days

William started preschool last September and although the program he was in is a year-round program we decided to keep him home over the summer. Of course, I'm late in posting it, but here is his first-day photo next to his last-day photo:

I wasn't put together enough to take the photos before the day began so these are after school, which was at noon -- lunch time. The first day, he got into the mud and came home in boots that didn't belong to us! He was just about turn three.

The last day of school was just last week, May 30. He had finished his lunch in the car on the way home. And although you can't see mud on his pants, he has dirt all over his face and hands (because I always to forget to wash him up before I hand him his sandwich). He is just over 3 1/2 years old.

In just nine months, I feel like my boy has grown so much! Somehow he still looks a little baby-ish in the first photo and not at all in the second. How is this possible! I wasn't ready for this.

He loved school and made a lot of friends. He also got into some mischief and had trouble following the rules. It was an all outdoor program and I think that suited William really well. He got a lot of fresh air, played in sand, dirt and mud and came home exhausted.  

Sending him to preschool wasn't really in our master plan but I'm glad we did. It was good for me too. Even if it was one of our top three bills to pay and was hard to swallow some months, I think it was the best for our family.

And now for summer fun!

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