Friday, October 15, 2010

San Francisco Beauty

I haven't shown you many of the sites of San Francisco, mostly because I haven't taken very many photographs. But last weekend I had the perfect opportunity. My friend, Anya, came to visit for four days from Colorado Springs. The two of us spent the whole weekend with our cameras in our hands as we hiked Lands' End trail, took in the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, and walking around downtown.

So, this blog entry is purely to wet your appetite for more and perhaps inspire a visit! Enjoy!

Building Art: You'll have to look closely but there are actually large pieces of furniture hanging out of the windows and the fire escape. Apparently, the building has been vacant for years!

This is Chris's favorite view of the city—the contrast of the traditional brick church surrounded by skyscrapers. This view can be found in Yueba Buena Gardens downtown.

These four houses are quite famous. They are known by a couple different names: The Painted Ladies and Postcard Row. We love the view of downtown from here.

I don't even have to tell you what this is and I can't admit how many pictures I've taken of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes, the fog is so thick you can't even see the top!

Don't get your hopes up, although on this particular day the ocean looked wonderful and the sun was really warm, the water is freezing!

The statue of the "Thinker" is outside the Legion of Honor, a truly beautiful museum inside and out.

Lands End hike—absolutely gorgeous

Sutro Baths (the ruins) are in Lands End park. The hike is gorgeous on a sunny day and the baths were pretty cool too.

San Francisco is full of interesting places. This was my first time to Sutro baths and Lands End and I can't wait to go back. Let me know when you're coming! There really is something for everyone.


Lila Michelle said...

=) I think I will have to come back very soon! Great pics, Em. Love ya!

Katie said...

Love love love the pictures and the new design of the blog! I think they have inspired me to come visit...perhaps sometime in the next 10ish months-would that possibly work for you?!? :-) Hope we can catch up soon!