Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doctor's Orders: Rest (and no heavy lifting)

Two weeks ago, the Lord was telling me to rest. Actually, He's been telling me that for a while now, and it was my doctor who told me to rest—for an entire week!  On October 21, I had a minor surgery to have a couple of ovarian cysts removed.  My doctors orders: Take a whole week off of work. 

"What?!? A week? What am I suppose to do for a whole week?" I thought.  But, it in the end it was a huge blessing. I feel like I got to experience what rest really is. Both the lazy kind and the kind that only comes through knowing our Heavenly Father. 

To rest in the Lord is to trust. Trust that He is in total control and you are in His care. Trust in His promises and His plan. And let go of the need to run or control your own life. Worry and anxiousness have to place in this type of rest. There is no greater freedom than in resting in the Lord. 

The weeks before my surgery I found myself feeling very anxious and worried. Anxious because I didn't know if this was really the best thing for me and worried because my insurance company wasn't handling it the way they needed to. Some days, these feelings would overtake me and I'd be in tears, other times, I knew that this is what needed to be done and I had faith that all would work out well. 

On the morning of my surgery, I remember feeling a bit nervous, but as soon as my doctor was there I felt better (she has this great affect on me whenever I talk to her). And when the surgical staff asked, "Are you ready?" I actually smiled and said, "Yes!" I had this indescribable sense of peace as they wheeled me into the operating room. I knew my Father was with me. 

Being cooped up in my apartment for an entire week helped me rest physically and spiritually. I could praise the Lord for bringing me out of surgery successfully and providing such wonderful medical care. I could rest in him knowing that He is faithful to His promises to care for me and provide for me. I also had to give up control over what happened in the kitchen (and the rest of the apartment) as Chris was now in charge of all the cooking and housekeeping for the week (part of the doctor's orders).  What a great exercise in giving up control—and practice for giving control over to the Lord for everything else!

I am a worst-case scenario worrier by nature, but now that I've learned this lesson on rest, I don't want to go back to my "old" self.  Hopefully, I can remind myself to find rest in the Lord each day—no matter what worries come my way.

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