Friday, April 15, 2011

A New Day--A New Job (sort of)

Change. I like change. I get a little ansy once I've been in one place for too long. It seems like my life has gone through some sort of change every year since High School. New schools, new jobs, new homes, new friends . . . you get the idea.

Well, life is changing again! This change is probably quite minor but still a change . . . and a good one!  This week I started training for a new position within JFJ. I had applied for the merchandising manager position a few months ago and they decided to hire someone a little more qualified . . . but they offered to train me in at the same time to be her "back-up" and work with her on a part-time (once a week) basis. Yeah!

So, although I don't know exactly what this "back-up"/part-time position looks like completely, I think I will really enjoy it. I've only spent a week in the department but already I feel like its a great fit.  I'm really excited for what I can learn in this new role and what I'll be able to do with it.