Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surprises are just not my thing

Chris is amazing at planning surprises. A few years ago he planned a trip to NYC and didn't tell me until after I had packed my bags.  He's always planning fun dates and activities for us to do together. I like being surprised--within reason. It's not that Chris likes keeping things from me, he's just really good at creating suspense. 

I on the other hand, have no talent for creating suspense or surprising other people . . . Chris specifically. Today is his birthday. And I've been thinking about it for months. I've done research on restaurants and clubs and come up with a few great ideas . . . all of which I was scared he wouldn't like. (Yes, I realize this is my problem.) So, instead of creating suspense and just going with it, I decide to tell him my struggles and doubts about my plans. He then becomes a part of the planning process and joins me in the research (this was suppose to be my gift to him . . . a night out . . . but now he's doing the planning just like a regular date. ugh.)

And last week I realized that I still had to figure out what to actually give him. I had kept a list of things he's mentioned he wanted since last year, you know, the things that just come up in conversations. But, he had sent out a list very similar to his family, so I was stuck again. 

And then we both got sick and my shopping weekend turned into a lazy/rest weekend and as of yesterday afternoon I still hadn't gotten him anything. (That is cutting it too close for my liking). Last night, I decide to get on ebay and order the gift I had decided to get him . . . but I have to use his account because I don't have one. As I'm paying for the gift on ebay, I notice that he actually won/purchased a very similar thing himself the day before . . . what!?!? So, I ask him, "Uh, honey, what's the difference between 'this' and 'that'?" He says they are basically the same, but he'd still like having both. Then he says, "Why, is that what you got me for my birthday?" BINGO! Last chance at a belated surprise FAILED. 

This is exactly how the last three attempted-surprise birthday presents have gone down. Granted, he's always liked how we spent the day and what I got him, it just wasn't a surprise. Guess I'll try again next year!

253.5 miles -- having to take shorter walks since my feet
are not entirely better yet.


Sharon M said...

Yes, you have many years left to surprise him! Don't give up!

Chris can be hard to surprise (and hard to catch off-guard). It's a real pain when you're playing games with him, and I'm guessing that translates into birthday-present-buying.

Ooh, idea! Next year, tell Chris that YOU'LL send out the birthday wish list for him! See, then you can delete the stuff that you're going to get him. Ha ha! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh, I always have the same problem! I'll let you know if I ever discover any great ideas!

Happy Birthday to Chris... and Congratulations to you!