Sunday, July 1, 2012

Staying Away from Sugar: Week 4 (at last!)

I have gone my 27 days without caving into my junk food cravings! No donuts, cake, brownies, ice cream, cookies, or soda. There were several days during the last week that held temptations for me but I remained strong. Instead of turning to the sweets, I chose to eat fruit and vegetables, nuts, whole grain toast or yogurt. Having those things readily available is what kept me on track.

I also had a pretty good week of physical activity. And I am happy to say that over the past month of this self-imposed challenge, I have lost a pound and a half. I have to say that I have been, for the most part, in a better mood than I thought I would be. I didn't have wacky sugar highs and lows, headaches or sugar withdrawals I normally experience. Overall, I feel pretty healthy and clear headed.

I'd love to say my inflammation has disappeared, but it hasn't. I'd love to say that my acne has cleared up, but it hasn't. So, junk food may not be the cause of my troubles after all. Oh, well.

I fear that now my month is over, I will over indulge and be unable to say "No" anymore. I already feel a weakness to it. I still feel it is a worthy endeavor to try to limit my intake of these sugary foods, because as I mentioned before, I do feel more healthy. But I know that will be a challenge.

Through this challenge, I now know that I DO have the ability to say "No." I do have willpower stronger than I previously knew. I don't HAVE to eat whatever is put in front of me or offered to me. It is MY choice.

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gen said...

I understand. I recently had to give up all acidic foods. Now I've moved on to sugar too.