Sunday, April 13, 2014

African Quilt

I can't believe I actually finished this project! Usually I aim for getting these quilts in the hands of the mamas-to-be before the baby is born, but that just wasn't going to happen this time. Finding time to quilt or do anything crafty has been a challenge for me since William was born. But it was really important to me that I finish this particular quilt for this particular little girl. And I was only three months late!

This quilt was really special to me and hopefully to the little girl who received it. The patterned fabric used was actually material that I had purchased in Gambia,West Africa eight years ago. I had kept it, but really didn't know why until now. One of the girls in our community group grew up in Senegal, which if you're not familiar with African geography, neighbors Gambia. When I went to her house for the first time, I saw that she had a lot of African elements in her decor. From the photographs on her wall to the fabric used for her accent pillows, you can see Africa was and still is an important part of her life. 

When she told me that her baby girl's nursery was a safari theme it all just clicked! I knew what I had to make! I dug out my "African box" with all my memorabilia and got started. 

I wanted the fabric to be the primary focus of the quilt but I also wanted it to look a little more put together than a random patchwork pattern. I found a few brightly colored solids to compliment the patterned pieces and chose the diagonal rows for the quilt pattern. 

I chose to make the back a little simpler but also bright and fun. Also it gave me an opportunity to use a larger piece of fabric to see the real pattern of the fabric. 

I think it turned out pretty well; it's bright and fun for a little girl and her tummy-time and maybe she'll cuddle with it as she gets older admiring the bright colors and special fabric. I was so happy to use this fabric for someone I know will love it.

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