Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Weekend

For Easter this year, we drove down to Fresno, California to visit some of Chris's extended family who had not gotten to meet William yet. It was a three and half hour drive making it William's longest car ride yet . . . and he let us know exactly what he thought of that on the way there and back!

Our usual accommodations were booked up (Pat & Mike had their family staying with them) so we stayed with Joyce and Bryce at their friend's home who was out of town. When we drove through the gated entry, I think my jaw dropped at beauty of the homes. And when I saw the "backyard" of where we were staying, well, I just about fell over. I felt like I was on some resort vacation. Even if I only got to enjoy the view for a few hours - and only 2 minutes by myself - I felt refreshed. It's interesting how a place can bring about a specific feeling of calm and peace.

We rarely get to be outside in short-sleeves! 

Everyone got together for dinner on Saturday and a late Easter lunch on Sunday. We haven't seen these relatives in two years so although it was a quick weekend trip, it was much needed. We also met our cousin's daughter who is just two months younger than William!

While we failed to get a whole family photo, we did snap a few of Willam's first Easter.

We hope you all had a blessed Resurrection Day!

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