Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend in Napa

Chris's parents came to visit us again during the last week in March. The last time they were hear we made a day trip up to Napa, but this time, we stayed for the weekend! It was fun to get a way and spend the time with family. I had to remind myself that getting away with a baby isn't really the same as without a baby. We tried our best to make sure he got his rest during the day but its challenging when the environment is different and you really want to get out and do things. And although the resort suite was bigger than our apartment, it lacked the baby friendly toys we are accustomed to at home (because we didn't bring them!)

We were treated to a night of rest as the grandparents offered to take him for the night. What an amazing gift! It had been six months (well, more than that if you think about the discomfort of sleeping while pregnant) since I slept so well. We were so grateful for a "night off." 

We stopped for tastings quite a few wineries (William and I made it to about half of them in between naps) The first one, Paradigm was fantastic. It was small and not quite built up (fancy) as a lot of them that we saw along the way, but the wine was by far the best I've tasted. NOTE: I'm a novice, my opinion only really matters to me! But seriously, delicious. We took a tour of their winery with a really down-to-earth but very knowledgable man. He reminded me of an auctioneer friend I had back home; he could talk to just about anyone and be comfortable. (He didn't talk fast, but for those of you back home, you'll know who I'm talking about!) I'm always amazed by the science and skill behind making wine. The process is long and very specific. They use so many different types of barrels to enhance certain aspects of the wine and it's not guess work. They know what they are doing! (And I just taste it and say "yum!" Ha)

The last winery we stopped at was Hess. The vineyard is actually one of the oldest in the area. And their story goes back to the prohibition. The wines were very nice and they had several to choose from. Unfortunately, now I can't remember which I liked best. Their property was really pretty and it was a gorgeous day (the previous day it was cold and rainy).

We also enjoyed their company a few days before the drive up to Napa. They spent some time with William when they arrived on Wednesday before his bedtime and then joined us for dinner. On Thursday night we went out to eat and then went to the California Academy of Sciences for their "Night Life" event. And on Sunday evening we ordered take out and played games until it was time for them to head back to the hotel before their flight home.

We loved having them visit - and getting to see William again after 5 months! We'll be seeing them again in a few months when we fly to San Antonio for another cousin's arrival!

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