Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby B: Nine Months Old

Nine Months. In that amount of time a baby goes from being the size of a poppy seed and a ball of cells to a fully formed human being with toes and fingers, ears and nose and so much more. And now, nine months after William Bradley was born, he measures 30 inches tall and weighs 18 lbs. Far from a poppy seed. So much happens in a year and a half.

William has been moving, non-stop for a while now. Even when he's sick, he moves. There are very few moments to cuddle anymore. He crawls, pulls himself up to standing, cruises across the couch and falls down. He has gotten better at sitting from standing and doesn't fall nearly as much, but when he does, he still likes a hug from mom.

He is more interested in eating and we've gotten more serious about him joining us for meal times. Finger foods are a challenge for me -- trying to figure out what's appropriate and what's not as far as food type and size. But the doctor has assured me, now is the time for real food and real meals . . . and real messes.

He likes to talk now. Ba-ba-ba or Ma-ma-ma, and even Da-da-da can be heard when he wakes up. He seems to get more chatty when he's sleepy too. Sometimes he makes faces along with his words as if he were telling you something serious. He is the cutest little boy.

This month we traveled to Belverde, Texas to visit Chris's family and meet William's newest cousin Elijah. William's second flight was very different from his first experience as he is less inclined to sleep in our arms and much more interested in everything else going on. Trying to avoid the screens on the plane was impossible but we still tried. One the way home, he was super sick; thankfully he slept for a little bit and didn't seem to mind dad rocking him for a few hours. (Thanks Hon!)

It was the first time Chris's siblings had gotten to meet William, and the first time for William to be with his cousins--which he loved! I hope to write more about our trip later.

William started clapping last week! It's a silent clap but the movement is there. He also figured out how splashing in the tub works and is a huge fan. Bath time just got a lot more fun!

He started cutting two more teeth on the top, making six total. He is still waking up 2 or 3 times each night, which we hope to put a stop to this month (fingers crossed and prayers being said!).

He found a new use for his exersaucer!

Taking photos has gotten a lot harder lately! He doesn't like to sit in one place for more than a second. He loves when I bring out the camera, but now can't stay back far enough for me to get a shot. I guess now is when photographers bring out the props!

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