Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reading with Baby

About a month ago, I saw that our library did a summer reading program for all ages. Even zero! My sister-in-law mentioned that she had enrolled her infant in her library's program because she was reading all the time, she may as well read to him. So, it got me thinking about it.

William loves books; at 8 months old we were already reading books over and over again! So, I figured we could enroll him, too. The program was already half way through, but children only had to read 10 hours. I figured we could still do it.

And we did! Just a few days before we flew to Minnesota, we walked over the library with our reading log of 600 minutes and claimed our prize! A canvas book bag!

William with his first reading prize!

What did we spend 10 hours reading?
 - Mr. Brown Can Moo. Can You?
 - Olivia
 - Baby Baa-Baa
 - Toes, Ears & Nose
 - On the Night You Were Born
 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
 - The Quiet Cricket
 - I Love you Through and Through
 - Go Baby Go!
 - Baby Colors
 - Baby Be Nice
 - Berenstain Bears Go Out To Eat
And a few others

We also made it a habit of walking to the library once a week and picking out a few new books to read. They had a weekly drawing for prizes for those in the Summer Reading program, so that was a good motivator!

The program has finished, but we haven't stopped reading. I'm hoping reading remains one of William's favorite things to do throughout his life.

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