Friday, October 3, 2014

Baby B: Twelve Months

My little baby is a growing one-year-old boy. No longer content sitting still or cuddling for longer than a few minutes, and gone are the days of sleeping in my arms. Thankfully, story time still means lap time!

Everyday he is discovering something new! 
  • He knows that everything can be a drum and he likes to make noise! 
  • Dad showed him how to put his toys in the basket and it's now a little game to take them out and put them back in! 
  • He figured out how to make his pop-up toy work and grins every time!
  • William can throw his ball all over the room (and other toys too, watch out!)
  • He's known how to clap for a while, but now he can make mom clap by moving her hands.
  • He's figuring out how spoons and forks work, but so far his hands are much more accurate.
  • Another new favorite game is opening and closing a door (which I turn into a peek-a-boo game). Just a few more inches taller and he'll be able to turn the door knob himself!
William is measuring 31" now and weighs just under 20 pounds (19 lbs 12.5 oz).

 When he was nine months old and cruising around the furniture I thought he'd be running by now; thankfully that was not the case and he slowed down a bit. He's standing for a full minute at a time and seems more steady on his feet, and as of YESTERDAY, October 2, William is a walker!!

Just one day after his birthday he took four steps in a row! Twice! I wish I would have recorded it, it was the sweetest thing! Both hands raised high up in the air and mouth wide open as if he knew he was the victor!

This photo shoot (taken before he became a walker) was the hardest one yet. . . the only way to get him to stay in one spot?

Laundry Basket!

We go to the park a couple of times a week, and his favorite thing to do is watch the older kids. I can tell he is eager to join them. We swing for a while and play in the sand, but this boy just wants to run and chase and play like a two year old.

This month he started drinking water from his sippy cup with his meals (without complaining) and is almost done with baby food. A few things still need to be mashed/pureed but he likes the things he can handle himself best.

His nap schedule has started to change over the past couple of weeks too. Up until September, he had been taking three long naps each day (which was great for me working from home)! Now, he's dropped the third nap. We're in the process of shifting them a little and keeping him awake longer before his second nap. So far, it seems to be working well. 

Bed time is still 6:45 and wake up time is still 5 a.m. Not sure what else we can do to extend his sleep or help him learn to wait quietly until 6. After a year of living on less sleep, you would think one would get used to it, but I have to say, neither Chris nor I are used to less than 8 hours yet. 

William hasn't started to say any real words yet, but is constantly singing and squealing gibberish. He is really fun to interact with and I can't wait to understand what he's telling me!

**The quilt used in the background was made by Chris's Grandma Arlene and given to us for our wedding!

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