Saturday, October 11, 2014

To the Zoo and Back

Last weekend, Chris's parents came to San Francisco for a visit. They arrived on William's birthday and was able to see him briefly before they headed up to wine country for a couple of days. (One of the perks of coming to visit! hint, hint)

They came back to the city on Friday afternoon and entertained William while I finished up work and made dinner. William took to Nana fairly quickly, although a little slower than I had expected. It took him quite a while to warm up to Papa though! He doesn't hear too many deep voices around here.

On Saturday morning, after William's nap, we all went to the zoo. We had never been to the SF Zoo before and I was really excited to introduce William to the animals he had only read about in his books.

We headed to the Children's area first as I wanted to see how he'd like the petting zoo. There were goats and sheep roaming around and ducks in the pond. William was so interested in the ducks and we just couldn't get close enough (he would have gone in the water if I would have let him!)

Then we saw the gorillas, lions, and monkeys before having a little snack. We had just enough time to fit in a peak at the penguins before having to head back home for nap number two. (Outings with this toddler are very short still.)

We borrowed a hiking carrier which made him as tall as dad. He loved his new view! Chris's parents got William an annual pass to the zoo for his birthday, so although this trip was short, it won't be the last! I'm hoping we can make it one of our regular family outings this year.

Sunday after church was a relaxing day at home; we played games during William's afternoon nap and then had a little birthday gift opening party when he woke up. He looked pretty out of it in the photos as he had just woken up and was a little fussy from teething, but he has been enjoying his truck, books and puzzles everyday since!

We are so grateful that Nana and Papa could come out for William's 1st Birthday and experience his first time at the zoo with us! He may not remember it, but Chris and I certainly will!


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