Thursday, October 2, 2014

Confessions of Motherhood

There are things that surprised me about motherhood. Things that I never really considered or thought about before William was born but became my everyday very shortly after his birth. I don't think these things are spoken of out in public because, well, they aren't flattering to mothers and we do our best not to dissuade others from joining us in parenthood "club." (Or maybe it's that I am the only one...)

But, I want to confess a few things to you. Whether you are a mom who can "amen to that" or someone considering starting a family who can exclaim "are you kidding me?!" Whoever you are, I hope you'll laugh and cry along with me!
  • There are 365 days in a year and I didn't shower on more than half of them. If I don't sneak my shower in before 7 a.m. (Baby is up at 5 a.m. most days) then it won't happen. I feel there are four hygiene steps that could possibly suffer on any give day: showering, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and deodorant. On a good day I get 2 out of 4 completed. Honest.
  • I can remember six occasions where I left my house wearing slippers or had my clothes on inside out or backwards. No one ever says anything, but I feel like a total fool when I realize it 10 hours later!
  • I take William on a walk every day. Most mornings, I think "I'll have to comb my hair before we leave," or "remember to change your shirt before you go outside today." But I always forget. In the hustle of feeding, changing, and dressing William, packing the diaper bag and carrying the stroller downstairs, I always forget to "look presentable." It isn't until we are back home when I glance in the mirror that I realize there are reasons I can't make friends. Hair disheveled, food on my clothes, grimy glasses, no make-up or matching clothes. This is my life! (I see other moms in the park that look totally normal, not sure what I'm missing!)
  • For a while I got  I get really mad at anyone who slams the entry way door of our building, shouts on the sidewalk or plays loud music while driving by. I never knew I had such rage in me, but it comes out anytime I think what you are doing will wake up my baby.
  • When we came home from the hospital, Chris started making me little snack plates with carrots, dried fruit, celery sticks, nuts and an apple or pear. That way I could eat while I nursed baby (all day long). He has made this plate for me every single day since! Sometimes it is the only thing I get to eat all day. (So very thankful!)
  • Chris and I are usually in bed by 9:30 and have never gotten used to waking up before 6 a.m. but it happens every day.
  • Every night after I put William to bed, I start dinner and pick up all of his toys and try to make it look like "nothing happened."
  • I love crawling on the floor with my son; playing "chase" gets the best kind of giggles. 
Being a mother is full of surprises -- some embarrassing, some hard, some amazing. 
Do you have any motherhood confessions? Share if you dare!                             

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