Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Date Night in Downtown San Antonio (Part 2)

One of our Christmas presents from Chris's parents was a night in a hotel near the Riverwalk in San Antonio. They watched William overnight so we could go out, have fun and then sleep.

We started the day out with lunch with Chris's buddies from High School. It was a blast to catch up with them (I mean to say "overhear them catch up," but I really do love these people). Then we headed downtown. After checking in to the hotel we wandered the Riverwalk for a while checking out a few shops along the way.

Then we headed back to get ready for the date: dinner at Fig Tree (fairly fancy French place) and a movie: Into the Woods.

Dinner was excellent and more romantic with all the Christmas lights than I had expected. Chris really did a great job planning the evening (I even had him pick my entree). The movie was great. But as great as the movie was, the theater was awesome. Every chair in that theater was a plush, red, recliner! We had seats in the back row and we are basically laying down. Fabulous. No theater experience will ever compare!

Outdoor seating at the Fig Tree

Lights along the Riverwalk outside of the restuarant

I think we both slept better that night than we had a while! No, it wasn't without it's bathroom breaks or bouts with tossing and turning, but it was better. And we didn't wake up to a baby crying!

But when we came home . . . William was sick. A combination of hacking/gaging cough, runny nose/sneezing gunk with possible ear pain and teething. The whole shebang. (Thankfully, no fever.)

Did you miss part one of our trip?

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