Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decorating for a Toddler Christmas

We decided not to get a Christmas tree this year. We reasoned that with William's curiosity and desire to touch everything, it would be more of a hazard than anything. I felt bad because I know he would have absolutely loved it. Hopefully next year he can experience the tree part of Christmas decorating.

We hung our stockings (William's still isn't made!), and put the nativity set up on the bookshelf, out of reach. Quite a few ornaments can stand on their own, so they were added to shelves as well.

The DVD background is a little busy, you can barely see them!

Garland dresses up our china hutch and the credenza has a new table runner (secret: it's really the tree skirt!)

I bought a wreath for our door in hopes of cheering up our hallway. (Our neighbor has a Frankenstein door knocker still up from Halloween . . . help!)

Decorating with a toddler has it's challenges, but it's worth doing something! This season is so very important and although the meaning of Christmas isn't in the decorating, I find that the decorating readies the heart for a special season and celebration. The decorations set the season apart from the everyday. Reminds us of the special and the sacred.

It may sound silly, but I want Christmas decorating to be a tradition for our family (which is why I decorated while he was awake...and could get into everything!). I want William to grow up knowing that inside this little box is baby Jesus and Christmas is all about him. Eventually, he will realize and learn that baby Jesus isn't a special toy, but a Savior to believe in. And the tree, the stockings and the gifts are all in celebration of God coming down to be with us.

I didn't plan anything for William for Advent this year; he is still a bit young to understand, but I think by next year, he will be ready! If you have had success with an Advent calendar/reading plan or fun activities, please pass them my way!

I hope you have wonderful Christmas celebration this year!

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