Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Discovery Bay Museum

The Bay Area is full of great activities for kids, including little toddlers! I've been a bit shy about venturing out and checking them out, not for lack of interest or desire, but because very few things are free and convenient. (William still naps twice a day and I'm still working.)

But two weeks ago, Chris and I took William to the Discovery Bay Museum north of the Golden Gate Bridge. We were planning to go and I mentioned it to a friend and she says, "Did you get the Groupon for that?" Um, no . . . but I will now! I love my deal-savvy friends!

I really didn't know what to expect or how to best plan our time there, but I think William had a blast anyway. Everything is very hands on. They even have a room just for toddlers 42" and under (which is nice since everyone over 42" seems to trample my son).

The highlights for William were:

a stream/water table with plastic fish and frogs

bouncy-pond with stuffed animal ducks



and bubbles. Bubbles are always a highlight.

We really didn't get to stay long before he was getting tired (and probably over stimulated). I have another coupon ready for next time and I'm excited to try it again!

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