Saturday, July 18, 2015

Six Years of Marriage

Last weekend, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. It's not a monumental number or anything, we passed 5 and are still a ways from 10, but it's a year worth celebrating none-the-less.

Chris brought me flowers and a lovely card. We spent the evening together at the same restaurant we went to for our 2nd anniversary -- Flour & Water (delicious homemade pasta and pizza). We had a wonderful conversation and reflected on what we've done the past year and what we hope to do in the next one. I love our anniversary dinners and this intentional time to dream and make plans.

Then we went downtown to a movie - Inside Out. It was a perfect "us" movie -- Chris loves Pixar films and I'm not one to turn down a movie that brings me to tears (It's about a girl who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco... how could I not like it?!).

The evening was really lovely, and I left my camera in my purse the whole time.

Six years sounds like nothing when you expect and hope to grow old together, but at the same time, it feels like we've always been together. Life has a certain routine and it's always been the two of us . . . until I remember all those years I spent looking for him.

This year wasn't about big adventures or trips. We really didn't travel outside of San Francisco much at all. But big things did happen! I invested some more time into my photography "business" and Chris finished the second draft of his novel. We really tried to partner together in ways that allowed us time for our own hobbies, for personal development and growth. (Last year we were completely caught off guard by how babies take away our personal time!) Chris would take William to the park every weekend so I would have some time alone and I would take William on an outing so Chris could write. It was great for getting stuff done, but we didn't get to do a lot together.

I think one of our hopes for this next year is to have more time for our family of three. The few times we did go out to brunch together or to the park were my favorite memories and I want more of those.

My marriage and my family continue to be the very best parts of my life and I look forward to the years and years to come being with my Love.

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