Friday, July 24, 2015

Nana & Papa in San Francisco

Last weekend, Chris's parents came to visit us! William had finally mastered calling them "Nana" and "Papa" when looking at their pictures and now had the opportunity to see them face to face! He still took a little time in warming up to them, playing shy, but also wanting to show off all of his toys. 

The weekend was warm, we have been experiencing an actual summer for a couple of weeks! We took them to Glen Park Canyon for a little hike and time at the play ground. We really enjoyed getting outside together. Glen Park is really close to us, but we have only managed to get ourselves there a handful of times.

On Saturday night, we took Bob & Sheryl out to eat. Chris had been introduced to Hot Pot the week before and wanted us all to try it. Its a type of Chinese food, where they bring you raw meats, vegetables and noodles and you cook it yourself in a bowling pot right on your table. They had four types of broth you could cook the food in and all were delicious! 

After the meal we headed to Golden Gate Park for an evening walk. We ended up at Stow Lake, which again, we have only been to twice. It was a gorgeous walk and I was reminded again of the beauty our city has and the importance of taking time to see it.

On Sunday, after church, we had lunch and played games while William napped. Then once he was awake, we headed to the park.

We loved having Nana and Papa visit! We were so blessed by their time with us and I know William misses them already.

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