Monday, April 18, 2016

Baby B2: 33 Weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

How big is the baby: approx 17 inches long and 5 pounds (from the internet)

Sleep: This continues to be hit or miss. Some nights I'm sleeping great but William isn't and so I'm up early with him, other times he sleeps great and I can't find a comfortable position. I have a hard time moving around in bed with my low back pain/large belly.

Best moment of the week: William wanting to hug the baby/my belly and pretending to be the ultrasound tech applying gel to my stomach so he can see the baby (he had to come with me last time)

Worst thing: The worst thing continues to be my back pain, which I don't think is even pregnancy related.

Symptoms: I've actually had more nausea this week than I've had in the past few months. It's strange. My legs are also looking a bit bigger, ankles may beginning to swell a tiny bit, large belly. My energy has been up a little so that helps.

Movement: Yes, most definitely. Sometimes I wonder how other people don't notice it!

What I miss: the same stuff - wine, deli meat, bending over without grunting

Food Cravings: less cereal recently. Now it's ice cream and chocolate. . . chocolate ice cream. However I can get it.

Food Aversions: Nothing at the moment

Maternity Clothes: Yes, all the time. I can still make a few non-maternity tops and yoga pants work. My jacket and sweatshirts are starting to get a little tight.

Things People Say: I get more comments/questions about the gender of my baby. We aren't finding out until baby comes. I'm hearing some guesses around the office. . . half will be right I suppose. Last time we assumed we were having a boy because the two pregnancies in our circle of friends were having boys and we had noticed a trend of them coming in groups of three. This time, there are baby girls coming on either side of us! We'll see if the trend continues!

Exercise: Giving up. Not on purpose, just lack of time/interest at this point. Still walk when I can and do my PT when I remember.
Last Appointment: April 6. Met with the same midwife as my previous visit but this time she seemed completely exhausted and unfamiliar with me. Its a little frustrating that I have to explain certain things during every visit, but understandable; these people see a hundred patients a week. Everything looks fine, heart beat is always fun to hear.

Next Appointment: April 25

The perfect "hiding spot" for hide-and-seek!

P.S. The font colors are out of control. Blogger is messing with me and I can't change them (trust me, I've tried!) Sorry for the craziness.

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