Saturday, June 4, 2016


We have been telling William about his baby brother for months, we read books, talked about babies, he talked to my belly and seemed to really welcome the idea of being a big brother. An idea that is really too big for someone his size to fully comprehend. I had read a few blogs about how to make the first meeting special but the real-life thing was so much better than I anticipated.

The hardest part was getting the hospital staff to stop interrupting us! I finally asked for 30 minutes where I could be with my family. 

We had William come in while Stephen was in the bassinet and he could sit with me for a while. We had been apart for nearly 36 hours and all he knew was that I went to the hospital to have the baby. He sat with me, but was really eager to look around the room and find the baby. He wasn't nearly as concerned about me as I thought he would be. I regained his attention with a gift I had made him - a photo book of him called "On the Day I was Born" featuring photos and a little story of William growing in my belly to being a big boy/big brother. I had seen the idea here, but made my own before realizing they had a free template.

Then Stephen started crying and William could no longer wait, he had to see the baby! We regrouped again on the bed and William got to see Stephen up close. There was one more gift for William, a book from his baby brother -- an interactive book by Usborne books: Baby Farm Animals

William loves his new baby brother. He often asks if he can hold him and touch him and wants to check on him all of the time. You can hear him saying "I love my baby brother so much!" or "This is my brother!" throughout the day. He also likes to know exactly where baby Stephen is at all times.

So far, William seems to be very fond of his baby brother. I'm very excited for future play-times and story times when they can both be engaged. William has a little bit of a hard time (and rightly so) with me not being available to play with him all day long. But overall, he is doing very well with the newest member of our family.

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