Monday, June 20, 2016

When Nana Came to Help

I had just sent Chris's mom an email saying "I think June 8th would be a great time to come out and help" and then that night had to have Chris email her and say, "Come as soon as you can, he's here!" She arrived on May 26th and stayed for 15 days. Fifteen days! Half a month. This lady gave us so much of her time, love and care every single day she was with us. I was blown away and so so blessed.

So was William!

Nana spent hours upon hours playing with her grandson. His imagination soared and the bed became a boat caught in rainstorm after rainstorm. (After a while, Nana got sea sick and asked for a break on the shore.) They played construction, and garbage truck, she read him stories, oh so many stories, and more. She took him to the park and the library. And we all went to the zoo together. She bought him new trucks and books, and a tool box so he could be like dad. He got a lot of attention and love!

She also made us meals, did the dishes, cleaned, scrubbed my baby play-yard with a toothbrush (because of mold), gave William his bath and put him down for naps. She held Stephen when I needed a break, she even babysat both boys while I ran errands (not difficult for a mother of 4 I am sure!). And babysat the baby so I could take William on a play-date and we could spend some mom-son time together.

And if that weren't enough, she put up with me! And blessed me with encouragement and listened to my worries and concerns and offered support. I had a few rough days in there (I misplaced my keys and lost my cell phone), and I missed a doctor's appointment, got lost driving (after I found my keys), and was beyond exhausted. She helped me get to the last MOPS meeting of the season so I could see my friends and show off my nine-day old baby. She kept me alive and even gave me opportunity to live a little! Not something I expected so soon after having my little guy, but I was so thankful!

We are so grateful for the time and love she gave and gives to our family. Our boys are super lucky to have this lady as their Nana! And I could not have asked for a better mother-in-law! 

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