Thursday, July 14, 2016

Answered Prayers & More

Throughout my pregnancy, we found ourselves praying for a few specific things as well as the overall health of our child. I think it's important to remember how God has answered prayers in the past to remind us of his faithfulness and goodness to us. I also need to take a moment and document some things that were and are heavy on this mama's heart.

My first son came into the world very quickly and my body hemorrhaged. We prayed and prayed that this would not happen with our second child's birth. I did a lot of reflecting and praying about my fears that it might happen again, or be even worse (cause that is where my mind goes). I know a lot of you were praying the same! Thank you! If you haven't read my birth story for Stephen, you should. It went so well, beyond all I hoped for. Not only did I have zero complications, I felt amazing afterwards! Tired, but energized and full of joy. Praise the Lord!

Early on in my pregnancy with Stephen, they found that I had an antibody in my blood, most likely from the blood transfusions I received after William's birth which could effect the baby. If the baby received this antibody, it would most likely cause anemia and if serious enough, an operation would need to be done while he was in the womb. When I heard the news, I was overwhelmed with fear and sadness. I called Chris weeping over the phone that something could be wrong with our baby. We began praying for our baby's health and mine, that this antibody would disappear and not be an issue. I remember bawling to God asking him to watch over the baby. I had a blood test every four weeks to measure this antibody in my blood and every time, the report came back "undetectable" or "only a trace"! It never got high enough to cause any real concern. Praise the Lord!!

We also prayed for William as he watched my belly grow. This was going to be a huge transition for him. And it still is to be truthful, but he loves his brother so very much. He is the sweetest, most gentle toddler!


There are a few things that we continue to pray for with Stephen, the obvious one being his growth, development and that he come to know the Lord at an early age. But he was also born with something called Hypospadias (its a defect in the urethra of the penis) and will need surgery when he is 6 months old.

This really scared me when they told us about it on first day of his life. I mean, you think your baby has all ten toes and fingers and he must be perfect right? And then you take a look when you change his diaper and something's a bit off? Yikes! It's scary to think of your tiny (at that time less than 6 pound) baby having surgery. We met with the surgeon a few weeks ago and he reassured us that his case is very minor and the hope of a successful surgery is very good. So, we pray that all goes well in January when we have this done. Please pray with us!

When he was two weeks old, Stephen's umbilical chord came off as it should but then a few days later he developed a hernia and his belly button sticks out a lot. I've been told this is quite common and it should heal on it's own, but I still feel like crying every time I change his diaper. Will you pray with me for healing? If it doesn't heal on its own, he will need another surgery to have it repaired.

Neither of these things are life threatening, but they weigh on me heavily at times. In those first few weeks, I looked down at my tiny baby who wasn't gaining much weight, and felt so sad for him. His body just wasn't as it should be and I wondered if he had come two weeks later, would all have been well? Did I eat way too much chocolate in pregnancy and that somehow stunted growth? Did I do something wrong? I know those are silly questions, but they are real thoughts I had. I need to trust the Lord, that he knows my little boy and loves him more than I do. I need to remember his faithfulness to hear our prayers in the past and know his ways are the best ways.

If you pray for my family, please pray for these concerns as well.


Do you have praise stories to share? Please do in the comment section below! I'd love to hear how the Lord has answered your prayers lately!!

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