Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Babiaks go to North Dakota

Why were we in North Dakota? you might ask. My brother got married there on July 30th. We couldn't come all that way for just the weekend so we spent three extra days there and convinced my family to stay with us. This would be the only time we saw them all year. Thankfully, they obliged.

We spent the first few days before the wedding in Minot, which just happens to be where the ND State Fair is. On Friday morning, we along with my dad went to the state fair. We walked through all of the animal barns, looked at all the farm equipment and took reprieve from the hot sun in the toddler play room (complete with rocking chairs, recliners and changing tables!)

We ate a delicious lunch of fresh squeezed lemonade and corn dogs and let William go on a few rides! (I don't have any photographs because I'm an idiot and mistakenly did a factor reset on my phone and lost everything. You can shed a tear if you'd like. I have shed quite a few.)

That evening was the rehearsal dinner and the following day was the wedding which I blogged about here.

On Sunday, we had a leisurely morning with extended family before everyone had to checkout of the hotel. I was so glad we all stayed in one place! The extra time with people was really nice.

Then we packed up and drove to Bismarck where we stayed until Tuesday morning. Sunday night we split up and the girls went to out to dinner and then to the movie Bad Moms which was fun. (Think Mean Girls for moms . . .) But getting out with just the girls was so great. I hadn't really gotten to hangout with my sisters and mom alone in forever. The guys stayed back with all of the kids. My boys proved to be quite the handful I was told.

On Monday, we went to the North Dakota Heritage Museum which had everything from dinosaurs to tractor exhibits.

Later, after naps (which were interrupted by the loudest fire alarm ever and a visit by the fire department) we headed to the zoo. They had a group of really active monkeys, bears, and tigers and a lot of other animals too. Then we went out to eat . . . at a restaurant . . . with all the kids after their bedtime.

 We had one last big gathering at a park near the airport on Tuesday morning. We got in some last minute photos and then had to say our good-byes. It was especially hard because my sister and her family were moving to Pennsylvania the following weekend. In reality it changes very little for us since we only saw them once a year anyway, but knowing now that they are even farther away was still sad. Our "dreams" of raising our kids together looks more and more impossible.

I loved getting to meet my new nephew and niece (although they don't look so new anymore . . . ) Sharing in this phase of motherhood with my sisters is awesome. Our children are only 5 and 6 months apart! But as I said before, hard because we are so far away. 

I think Grandpa and William bonded well over the weekend! They enjoyed looking at the tractors at the fair together and all the animals. And of course, whisker kisses!

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