Thursday, September 22, 2016

Baby B2: Four Months Old

And just like that, Stephen is four months old. And I'm back to work. This month was full of change!

Stephen is now just over 24" tall and weighs 12 pounds 7 ounces. He isn't chunky at all, but looks like he's filling out some. He loves to be included in everything we do and loves seeing people's faces. He has a big, adorable grin and the cutest little giggle. He will even let out a squeal if you tickle him just right! I really try to make time to just play with him and delight in him. He makes my heart happy (when he's happy that is . . .)

He thinks tummy time is rollover time and won't stay on his belly for more than a minute. Just recently he started to pick up his head and really look around! He's holding on to some toys and loves the ones that make crinkle sounds (like tissue paper). He likes to suck on his fingers, sometimes his whole fist. He coos and sings and tries to tell us about his big world with his own words. He seems to like his swing, as long as he can see what's going on with everyone else. He loves being naked and having his clothes changed. The biggest smiles happen when you take off his shirt.

We've had a breakthrough in using the K'tan baby wrap! He has taken quite a few naps in it this month and loves facing out too.

Bedtime is usually 7 p.m. and he will sleep for four hours and after that he might sleep for three more hours and then when 4 a.m. hits, he will sleep if one of us holds him. After four months of this schedule, I'm just plain tired. But also hopeful that we can help him learn to sleep more soon! He has slept up to 7 hours in a stretch so I know he can do it! Nap times are still a struggle, but a routine is forming.

In August we had a date night and hired a babysitter to watch both kids. We left after both boys were in bed, but Stephen did wake up briefly. Not sure we're ready to have someone else tackle bedtime x2 quite yet.

Grandma came to visit this past week which was wonderful! He got lots of snuggles and learned a thing or two about falling asleep in his bed. We took Grandma to the ocean and the California Academy of Sciences. And of course, she babysat a lot too so I could work and go to a few appointments. We even braved the mall with both boys so I could get some new clothes. Stephen was fussy most of the time and William refused to listen, but it ended well and I got some pants. I would not do this on my own . . . ever.

Curious what William looked like at this age? See this.

I'll write more about going back to work soon, but for now, just know that it has been a challenge and brought more changes to our lives than I anticipated.

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